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Temp, Fulltime Hiring Outlook Strong For Rest of Year

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CB Mid-year hiring plans 2014Employers are expressing more optimism about the future and it’s showing in their hiring plans for the rest of this year.

CareerBuilder’s Midyear Job Forecast says more employers expect to add headcount in the next several months than said that last year. Employers told CareerBuilder they will add to the ranks of full and part-time workers, and 33% will increase their temp or contract staffing workers.

In addition, the temp staffing forecast from G. Palmer and Associates predicts a 7.6% increase in hiring in this current quarter.

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It’s Not Easy Building the Perfect Recruitment Company, But Your Future Depends On It

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Achievement cloud - freeA while ago, I wrote an article that was posted on ERE.net (“Why Recruiters Will Be at the Heart of Our Corporate Future”) trying to explain my concept of what of “good recruitment” was and why recruiters will therefore be at the very heart of our corporate future. I received a lot of great feedback on the post but also some negative comments about how employers and candidates felt after interacting with recruiters. There were also some strong feelings about the impending demise of our industry due to technology improvements and in house recruiting teams.

Consequently, I thought I could extend my opinion yet further to outline another opinion of the structure of “the perfect recruitment company” in today’s world and highlight how recruiters can learn and improve using technology, learn lessons from Silicon Valley and out-compete in house teams for high margin business.

There are five key common principals to the mind-set and success of Silicon Valley companies:

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Bullhorn Survey Offers Insights On Revenue, Placement Success, Comp

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Revenue by recruiter bullhorn 2013Bullhorn is out today with a survey of staffing and recruiting firms that is so full of useful and enlightening information it’s hard to know where to begin.

Here’s just a sample of what the 20 page report covers:

  • 77% of the 1,337 firms met or exceeded their revenue goals in 2013;
  • Revenue per recruiter at the smallest firms averaged $266,000; at the largest firms it was almost twice that;
  • Owners, CEOs, and partners of retained firms earned, on average, $230,000 last year. Those heading contingent firms averaged $149,000. Recruiters at retained search firms averaged $84,000. At contingent firms, they averaged $96,000;
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Recruiting Trends You Need to Know


The recruiting industry is growing and evolving, yet I see many recruiters with their head buried in the sand!

In all honesty much of the structure of recruiting firms now mirrors the look and feel of a firm in 1975. Sure we have added PC’s, job boards, LinkedIn, etc, yet most still use the same tired structure and processes as the industry used decades ago.

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Obamacare to Fuel Jump In Healthcare Support Jobs

Job Growth projections healthcare

Growth in largest healthcare occupations Whatever you may think of the new Affordable Care Act it’s already creating new healthcare jobs, and increasing demand for nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

“Nurse practitioners and physician assistants are attractive options because they can do 75 to 85% of the work a physician does at 55 to 65% of the cost,” says Susan Mesa, president of the Atlanta locum tenens staffing firm Advanced Practice.com.  

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Sales, IT Top Jobs to Fill in 2014 Says CareerBuilder

CB job forecast 2014 hiring change

CB 2014 Jobs forecast in demand jobsInfluenced by the budget uncertainty in Washington, HR professionals and hiring managers in CareerBuilder’s annual survey of hiring intentions said they expected to increase headcount in 2014, but the numbers and the rate of hire would depend on Congressional action about the debt ceiling.

The budget bill President Obama signed last week resolved only part of the national fiscal uncertainty. The debt ceiling, which is due to come in February, is a different matter. Both parties has so far signaled their intention not to compromise on raising the federal borrowing limit.


Nation’s Law Firms Shift Focus to Lateral Hiring

Law firm hiring

Law firm hiringSearch firms haven’t yet seen it, but those specializing in attorney placement could be in for a boon in the coming years, as the nation’s largest law firms accelerate their hiring of mid-level attorneys.

The traditional model of hiring summer associates who then get hired as entry-level attorneys, eventually working their way up the career ladder before retiring from the firm where they started is essentially dead.

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Manufacturer Hiring Will Rise If the Workers Can Be Found

Hiring for manuifacturing from ISM Dec. 2013

Hiring for manuifacturing from ISM Dec. 2013Already enjoying a strong year of sales and increased attention from the investment community, manufacturers are predicting they’ll add staff next year at a rate faster than the service sector.

Instead of cutting production workers and outsourcing overseas, manufacturers are bringing more work back onshore, necessitating the hiring of workers. The Institute for Supply Management survey of its manufacturing members found they expect to increase staffing by an average of 2.4% next year. Revenues are projected to rise by an average of 4.6%.

The survey found 44% of manufacturing ISM members see better conditions ahead. The Federal Reserve’s most recent Beige Book report echoes that finding.  “Manufacturers in many Districts expressed optimism about near-term growth prospects,” the Fed says in the report on current economic conditions.

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Is There A Slowdown In Tech Hiring?

Tech Industry employment 2009-2013

Tech Industry employment 2009-2013Numbers from the TechAmerica Foundation and a count of online job postings over the summer suggest there is a slowdown in tech hiring.

Online tech job postings for the 3rd quarter were down 3.4% from last year, reports Wanted Analytics.

The research firm, which collects public online job postings and categorizes them, says most tech specialties had fewer advertised jobs over the summer. Demand increased only for two specialties: application software developers, up 1.9% to 215,000 postings; and, computer systems engineers/architects, up 3.4% to 62,000.

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Academia Relying More On Search Firms to Fill Top Spots

Campus executive search

Campus executive searchIt wasn’t that long ago that hiring a new college president or chief executive was largely done by the board of trustees or its equivalent. Faculty and student committees were involved, as were alumni, but it was the board that conducted the search.

Now, while all the same campus constituencies are still involved, its increasingly common for schools to use search firms to develop a candidate short list.

“The stakes are so high that institutions think this gives them the best chance of getting a good fit,” says Terry W. Hartle, senior vice president of the American Council on Education. Quoted in the Philadephia Inquirer, Hartle added that today, search firms are commonly used to fill most key positions.