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What Unplugging Can Do For Your Career

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In an age of technology where refrigerators can talk to smartphones and cars can parallel park themselves, how are we supposed to unplug? Giving up Facebook or putting down our smart phones seems just about impossible given the amount of connectivity we’ve become accustomed to. But is it good for us to be that connected all of the time?

Think about how much time you spend every day scrolling through a social network (or three), checking your email, or just checking your cell phone in general (even if it hasn’t rung). For instance, as I write this blog, my cell phone is sitting loyally by my side, patiently waiting for the next time I receive an email or a text from one of my kids. My phone is never far from my side, and leaving a notification waiting seems to be getting more and more difficult. Confessions of a smartphone user.

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Old Technology Is Costing You Real Money In Lost Productivity


There’s a word in the recruiting and staffing industry that nobody likes. No one wants to think about it, no one likes to talk about it, and no one really knows a good way to deal with it: downtime.

Agency downtime is one of the biggest money-wasters in an organization; it’s those few seconds or minutes lost between tasks — the time it takes your computer to boot when the system crashes, and the time spent running the same candidate search week after week. It might not sound like much, but seconds turn into minutes, which turn into hours that can quickly add up, especially across larger organizations where it’s a pervasive problem instead of being limited to just one area or division of the company.

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With Temp Hiring Growing, Bullhorn Acquires VMS Vendor

Art Papas

VMS Access logoLarge employers with high seasonal and temp hiring needs used to be the primary users of VMS and MSP services. That began to change more than a decade ago, as companies, witnessing the explosion of contract developers and others by the tech industry, saw the strategic value of bringing on temporary workers.

Ironically, the Great Recession accelerated the process. During the first difficult years, companies laid off their contingent workers before their full-timers, discovering what the seasonal hirers already knew: A contingent workforce can be RIFed quickly without paying unemployment (unless they were the employer of record), severance, or risking the negative publicity that comes with wholesale layoffs.

Betting on the continued growth of the contingent labor market, Bullhorn today announced it acquired its VMS tech partner The Code Works, and its primary product, VMS Access. No purchase price was disclosed.

Ask Barb

Everyone Is Going Mobile. How About You?

Ask Barb

Dear Barb:

During a conversation at the Fordyce Forum last year, you were talking about the importance of having a mobile site for my company. Do you still feel that is necessary? I don’t think that many candidates look for us on their phones vs. their computers?

Jim T.

Houston, TX

Dear Jim:

Ask Barb

You Manage Email, Not the Other Way Around

Ask Barb

Dear Barb:

I receive over 200 emails a day and feel I spend my entire day answering email. How can I manage this and still have time for calls and everything else I need to complete in a day. Emails have become my time management nightmare.

George Z.

Palos Park, IL

Dear George:

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A Mobile App Sampler For Recruting On the Go

InstaJob app

InstaJob appAs someone who is obsessed with mobile and how it can help recruiters and sourcers find and connect with more candidates, I ask you, why aren’t there more apps for recruiters?

If you search the app stores, you’ll find hundreds of them for finding jobs, but very few for finding candidates. I recently embarked on a search of iTunes to look for apps specifically created for recruiters. I excluded things like time and attendance apps of which there seems to be plenty, and concentrated on ones related to sourcing and candidate identification.

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Free ATS Seeks “Emotional Engagement” Among Users

SmartRecruiters new

SmartRecruiters new“The ATS has to die,” says the man who built a business and made a name on that earliest technological breakthrough for recruiters, the applicant tracking system.

What’s especially ironic is that it’s on the strength of the market’s acceptance of SmartRecruiters, his free ATS, and his vision for how to evolve it, that Rembrandt Venture Partners and others are giving Jerome Ternynck $10 million.

The B series funding was announced today and follows a $5.5 million A round just a bit more than 18 months earlier.

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Your Clients Are Video Interviewing and So Should You

Video interviewing

Video interviewingWith the popularity of video interviewing soaring on the corporate side, now is the time for agency and independent recruiters to give it a try.

The advantages of using video to meet and vet your top candidates are obvious: convenience, no travel required, and speed. Less obvious is the opportunity to see how well your candidate performs in front of a webcam, something that will never show up in phone screen. That’s no small detail considering fully 80% of the largest employers in the U.S. — those with 10,000 workers — use live video interviews at least sometimes.

Why? Cost is the number one reason companies use video interviews, according to a GreenJobInterview survey. Of the corporate leaders surveyed, most of them in HR, cost was cited by 88% of them. Second, cited by 56%, was improved time to hire.

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LinkedIn Describes Security Steps After Huge Password Breach


Yesterday, LinkedIn clarified efforts to contain the 6 million password breach that occurred last week. In an e-mail to the media the company summarized its work to secure the site.

While there didn’t seem to be any immediate danger to member accounts (and LinkedIn confirmed this), there was concern about how the breach occurred and how the company would respond to prevent future breaches.

According to the e-mail, by June 7th (a day after the breach) LinkedIn disabled the impacted user passwords. Customer service teams reached out to those users explaining how to reset their passwords. As of yesterday, there had been no compromised accounts. LinkedIn also made sure to say there has been no impact on sign up numbers or with people leaving the network.


Five (Inexpensive Or Free) Cloud-Based Productivity Tools For Recruiters


When I talk to people about what tools they use on a day-to-day basis, they usually default to the recruiting specific tools they use. They might be trying out something new or maybe they are frustrated with an ATS or search tool.

When I ask about what’s driving their backoffice or productivity, I often get blank stares. People might be living off of email, a calendar, a spreadsheet, or maybe nothing at all. And that might be fine if you’re never out of the office, don’t ever miss anything important or never have a computer issue.

For those of us who may have one or more of those issues, using an internet-based application might be the way to go. The key advantages being that your data is available, often on all of your devices (including mobile) and is backed up. So what should you be checking out? Here are five essential tools (plus some extras) to try out.