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Sourcing and Recruiting in Asia? Try These Resources

Editor’s Note: Originally developed and posted the sourcing audience on our sister SourceCon.com, it contains so much useful information for search companies who recruit in Asia-Pacific that we wanted to share it with the Fodyce audience.

Do you recruit and source in Asia? If so, you’re in luck. The Social Talent team has created a video which explains the top resources to help you find the right candidates in Asia.


Looking For a Sourcer? Consider a Skiptracer

library research - free

library research - freeHiring a good sourcer is difficult. Identifying potential new sourcers who do not have experience in recruiting, but have the skills to do the job, is even more difficult. If you’re trying to build a team of sourcers, consider targeting these professional backgrounds:

Skiptracers – Skiptracers are experts at finding people. They usually work for debt collectors or bail bonds companies who are trying to track down individuals who owe money. Per Wikipedia, skiptracing,


The Office Temps You Tell to “Break a Leg”

Addison temp Andy Planck portrays Trevor Graydon, performing  in Thoroughly Modern Millie.
Addison temp Andy Planck portrays Trevor Graydon, performing  in Thoroughly Modern Millie.

Addison temp Andy Planck portrays Trevor Graydon, performing in Thoroughly Modern Millie.

If you’re looking for office temps you can place in any environment and know they’ll fit in, who won’t quit on you the instant they get offered a full time job, and who want the flexibility you’re offering, hold a casting call.

Chicago’s Addison Group, discovered a few years ago that performers make great office workers, and today, the staffing firm has over 100 theatrical workers in its database. As much as 35% of Addison’s contract admin placements are actors, actresses, directors, writers, and others who work behind the scenes.

What they have in common, and what makes them so desirable, says Ed Kavanagh, president of Addison’s administrative division, is their ability to fit into so many different environments.

“Typically, actors are very comfortable in different roles,” Kavanagh says. Many have improv experience, which requires them to respond to situations and people with no prior planning. “Actors, actresses really do a good job reading people and they fit in very well. They are very adaptable.”

Temping also fits their lifestyle. It gives them the flexibility to make it to tryouts and casting calls, while still having a source of income. Should they land a role, they can they can cut back on their temp work.


Get Help With Your Toughest Sourcing Questions On Our New SIte

Sourceon qa

Sourceon qaSourcers and recruiters whose job includes the task of finding candidates now have a new site for doing so.

The sourcecon.qa site – as the domain extension suggests — is a question-and-answer website for exchanging ideas and asking questions. It’s part of the ERE Media family. Take a look and you’ll see examples of topics: LinkedIn, video interviewing, Indeed.com, webscraping, the sourcing process, military hiring, Google+, and more.

This is something that’s been done in other industries, like music and computer/software programming. It is, as Sourcecon’s Jeremy Roberts says, referring to the programming q-and-a site, “like StackOverflow for sourcers and recruiters.” Or, a bit like Quora, a crowdsourcing q-and-a website where people discuss everything from the hiring process to the best Led Zeppelin song.

Roberts, my colleague sees the site as “a place for all of us to join together to help solve sourcing problems and build a knowledge base of sourcing-related information.” Here’s a nice little rundown of our new site.

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7 Words Mathematically Proven To Get You More Hires!

Wired Dating words

Wired Dating wordsWired recently worked with OkCupid and Match.com to find out which words were used on the most popular dating profiles on their sites. Millions of data points were analyzed to come up with the most popular 1,000 words.

What they came up with were the exact words to use in your personal description to get the most clicks.

I’m going to take this one step further and say if these words attract singles to another single, I’m quite certain they would attract a job seeker to a job. My theory being that singles are also job seekers.

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Supercharge Your Sourcing With ‘Old School’ Technology

Conni LaDouceur
Conni LaDouceur

Conni LaDouceur

There’s more to sourcing than matching a candidate to whatever job order you happen to be working at the moment, and no one knows that better than Conni LaDouceur.

Founder and Chief Sourcing Strategist of ExecuQuest Corp., LaDouceur has consulted for some of the best known brands in the world, identifying candidates and gathering business intelligence others overlook. One of the most respected authorities on sourcing strategies for talent acquisition and competitive intelligence gathering, she has trained thousands of recruiters and sourcers, emphasizing direct telephone sourcing to supplement Internet and database searching.

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LinkedIn To Begin Charging For Group InMails


LinkedIn_logoLinkedIn is making a change to the way recruiters can reach out to members of a group. Beginning Tuesday LinkedIn will charge for sending mass mailings to group  members.

InMails recruiters send from Recruiter to fellow group members who aren’t 1st degree connections will be deducted from their allotted monthly InMail credits


Learn How Data Can Help You Fill Your Pipeline Faster and More Effectively

computer binary code numbers - free

Evidence-based recruiting is no longer a large-employer only affair. A targeted sourcing strategy can yield big returns for small employers and for every recruiting firm that needs to keep its candidate pipeline full.

But just what is “evidence-based recruiting” and how do you use it to make smarter and more effective use of the dollars you spend?

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Nurses Top the List Of Most In-Demand Occupation

Medical - Nurse - Doctor

Medical - Nurse - DoctorStill having problems filling job orders for nurses? No surprise there. Wanted Analytics says there are more job postings for registered nurses than for any other occupation in the U.S., a distinction the profession has held on and off (but never out of the top 10) for years.

According to Wanted, there were 350,000 nurse positions advertised online in October, a 15% increase over a year ago. The research firm rates the difficulty of filling a registered nurse position at 39 on its 100 point scale.


FIve Tips to Improving Candidate Engagement


With the evolution of the sourcing role, candidate engagement is no longer left to recruiters. In fact, a recent SourceCon survey discovered that 79% of respondents who have the word “sourcer” in their title are expected to present qualified, interested, and available candidates.

This means that now, more than ever, effective candidate engagement efforts will separate the good from the bad. 

Below are five tips to make the engagement process more efficient.