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When Enough is Enough, Danny Says Use “Disruptive Honesty”

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Dear Danny,

A client is not keeping its commitment to the process (not getting back quickly after the final on site round of interviews, committing to provide an offer within two days of these interviews, foot dragging, making repeated commitments and then breaking them).

I push, and explain it sends a bad signal to the candidate and is not what they agreed to. As part of this, I’m also concerned that the client makes me look bad to our candidate and, that if they’re marketable elsewhere, they will be hesitant to work with us as a result of being jerked around by the first client we put them in to.

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Five Top Picks for Socially-Acceptable Marketing Success

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You’ve got the basics covered with your presence on the major social media sites. Now, you need to take that next step by adding new tactics to your social media program. Using social media as a branding tool is great, but taking it to the next level will engage your audience.  Try these five tips energize your clients and candidates.

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Get Started Branding Yourself and Your Firm On LinkedIn

Skywater page on linkedIn

Skywater page on linkedInBuilding your social media presence as a recruiter is essential for attracting the best clients and candidates and ensuring your long-term success. Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter — with so many choices it can be difficult to know where to start. Our recommendation is LinkedIn, the recruiter’s favorite.

Here are our top four tips to help recruiters new to the branding side of LinkedIn to get started:


What Recruiters On Twitter Did Last Summer


Want to know who recruiters Tweet about the most? And what they’re reading and sharing on social media?

Leadtail, an online marketing and social media, looked at the Twitter communications of 557 agency and in-house recruiters to see what they were sharing  over the summer. These recruiters totaled 173,903 tweets and 106,343 shared links.

The first chart shows the people most mentioned by the recruiters. The next are those most retweeted and, finally, the last is the publishers most mentioned by recruiters.

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Help Your Client (and Yourself) Attract Candidates With Brand Ambassadors


marketingAs an external recruiter, you probably do a lot to communicate the needs of your client to potential job seekers. However, are you missing a key element that could take your recruitment strategy to the next level? No, it’s not some new fangled software or an expensive campaign. It’s branding and it can do you, and your client, some real good.

Studies show most companies are in the early stages of developing an employer brand strategy that builds competitive advantage, with only 16% of organizations having a clearly defined strategy. In addition, while 31% have a strategy, they admit it can be developed further.

Industry News

Social Media Profiling Can Lead to Discrimination

Social media bias application distribution

Social media bias findingEmployers who background their job applicants on social media are more likely to discriminate against Muslims, an effect that is even more pronounced in conservative states and localities.

The study by Carnegie Mellon University researchers involved thousands of fictitious resumes and dummied-up Facebook profiles to portray candidates as either Muslim or Christian. A second part of the experiment involved candidates whose profiles indicated they were either straight or gay.

Muslim candidates, the researchers found, received far fewer interview invitations in states and locales considered conservative than did their otherwise identical Christian counterparts. No similar effect was noted in the comparison of gay and straight candidates.

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Memo To Tech Recruiters: They REALLY Don’t Like You

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recruiter spam trackerOne reason sourcing tech talent is such a challenge is that, let me put this delicately, many of the most talented developers and engineers don’t like recruiters.

They really don’t like you.

A blog post from two years ago is headlined “Death to Recruiters” and begins like this:

Dear technical recruiters: I hate you. As far as I can tell, the entire technical recruiting community is just a bunch of mindless spammers — and I have the proof.

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Forrester Report: ‘Facebook Is Failing Marketers’

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Facebook logoDescribed as “damning,” “scathing,” and “brutal,” a Forrester report says Facebook is all but useless as a marketing tool, bluntly declaring “Facebook is failing marketers.”

“Don’t dedicate a paid ad budget for Facebook,” advises Forrester. “Marketers tell us Facebook ads generate less business value than display ads on other sites. It’s time to make decisions based on facts, not on faith or fascination. You’re just buying display ads!”

In a blog post addressed to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the author of the report says,”While lots of marketers spend lots of money on Facebook today, relatively few find success… Facebook ads were less valuable than any other marketing tactic (marketers)  could use on your site.”

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If You Think Everyone’s Sourcing On LinkedIn, You’re Close to Right

Jobvite social media 2013 spend

Jobvite social media 2013 spendIf it seems like everyone is sourcing on LinkedIn, you are almost exactly correct. With 94% of corporate recruiters using or planning to use social media , virtually all of them report that LinkedIn is where they look for candidates.

This morning’s Jobvite survey on social media recruiting makes it clear that LinkedIn is the most popular site for sourcing, communicating, and posting jobs. Of the 1,600 Jobvite survey takers, 94% of them now using social media use LinkedIn.

Ask Barb

Help the Candidates You Can’t Place to Avoid Reputation Damage

Ask Barb

Dear Barb:

Can we control what candidates are saying about us and our company on social media sites? It drives me crazy that they can post lies about us and we have no recourse. Most of the candidates who are hurting our reputation are not the caliber we place. We specialize in IT contract and direct placement and trust me if they were any good, we would have placed them. Unfortunately good candidates are reading these lies. It just seems impossible to stay ahead of all these postings. Should we just ignore them?

David S.

Houston, TX

Barb Responds

Dear David:

What you can control is the positive information about you and your company on social media. There are individuals who specialize in online reputation management.