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Ask Barb

A Sales Process That Works = Success

Ask Barb

Dear Barb:

How do I teach my sales team to close more placements? We are consistently blindsided by surprises that prevent our deals from closing.

I’ve observed my recruiters as they work their desks and they seem to be doing things right. Is it just that candidates are more difficult and clients are more demanding? It is just not one person who is having problem closing deals, it is my entire office.


Brad S.
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Don’t Seem to Know. Know

Dear Brad:

I have a few concerns after reading your question.

You stated that your recruiters “seem” to be doing things right. That reveals that your recruiters are not working from the same playbook. There is a placement process that must be followed so details don’t fall through the cracks. Having everyone working their desk following the same process

Industry News

New Bullhorn CRM Designed to Aid Sales Growth, Spot Trends

Bullhorn CRM screenshot

Bullhorn CRM screenshotNo longer a temporary fix for a sudden spurt in a company’s workload, contingent staffing has become such a strategic part of the corporate workforce mix that predictions are temps will soon account for more than 20% of the Fortune 500 headcount.

With that growth comes a need for greater sophistication by staffing firms to predict client demand, enhance productivity, and uncover opportunities from the dozens of client and potential client contacts a busy agency makes every day.

That’s what Bullhorn’s newest iteration of its CRM was designed to do.

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How Long Do I Wait For First Production?

Ask Barb

Dear Barb:

How long do you give a new recruiter, before you realize you may have made a bad hiring decision? My new recruiter has had no production going on five months, but he seems to be close to closing his first deal. I hate to lose the money I’ve invested so far in his compensation and training. How much longer should I ride this out?

Barry N.
Fort Lauderdale, FL
How-To, Jeff's On Call!

7 Ways to Get Hiring Managers to Say Yes

Placements and the law logo

Require the client to listen to a presentation.

“Oh Jeff, you sound so forceful!”

I really am about this. I’ll show you how to make that hirer listen!

Let’s start with the basics: It costs a hiring authority time, effort, and eventually, money, to hire a candidate. Initially, you compete with the inner thoughts and feelings occupying his or her attention. Then she has to relate your presentation to some prior experience to picture the candidate. As if that’s not enough, she also has to be patient. You’re slowly painting a picture, one brushstroke at a time. But it’s received hundreds of times faster.

There’s much that can be done to get the client to listen more attentively to a presentation. Placement is an art, not a science. Since you’re in charge of each brushstroke you paint, you control strokes and select the colors. This PTL is designed to show you the seven techniques.

Business Development

How I Nearly Lost My Business When I Stopped Marketing

hand marketing buttons-free

hand marketing buttons-freeRecently, a colleague asked me, “What was the most rewarding mistake you ever made in business?”

It’s a great question, and I quickly had an answer for him because it was an incredibly painful mistake. However, it proved to be an invaluable lesson that has served me well in the years since. I’m sharing so perhaps you can learn it the easy way.

The lesson: Don’t ever stop marketing because you think you’ve reached the point where you don’t need to. And, secondarily, believe the old adage that warns, “Don’t put all your eggs into one basket.”

My Story

Years ago, my public relations company connected with a large publishing house that served many prestigious authors. The first few of its authors we


The 9 Elements of Resiliency and 6 Steps to Building It


make it happen training - free milesEditor’s note: These tips are excerpted from The TRACOM Group’s workbook, “Developing a Resilient Mindset.” 

Filter — How you filter information and interpret the world.

  • Personal Responsibility is the belief that successes or failures at work are determined by one’s own talents and motivations as opposed to external forces such as luck or good timing. Those who are high in personal responsibility believe they control their own destiny and attribute events to their own traits. Rather than relying on external factors such as luck to achieve objectives, they look inward to their own talents and motivations and attempt to exert control over situations.
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Cut Expenses, But Change Comp Plans Cautiously

Ask Barb

Dear Barb:

My overhead continues to increase while profits have leveled off. The only solution I see is possibly restructuring the compensation and commission plan I have in place for my sales team. This represents my highest costs and in some instances payroll is where I’m losing the most money. I do have concerns about how to present this to my sales team without having a mass exodus.

Marty G., New York, NY

Dear Marty:

There are several things you can do to resolve your current situation.

Business Development

How to Tell When You Need a Sales Specialist Recruiter


salesperson wantedRecruiting successful sales people is one of the biggest challenges facing employers today.

As the economy continues to improve, sales professionals are more in demand than ever. So working with a specialist sales recruiter is one of the most effective ways of competing for the top talent.

But don’t take our word for it. Here are six signs that you may benefit from working with a specialist agency for your next sales vacancy:

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Are You Wasting Your Sales Team?

Leads sign with sales

Leads sign with salesAll steps of the sales process are important; from identifying prospects to closing deals. However, most businesses spend lots of time refining and managing the latter stages (closing, etc.), but put limited thought into earlier stages (lead generation). Since lead generation fuels all other sales stages, a thoughtful approach to the function can have a huge impact on a company’s ability to sell.

Who is responsible for lead generation in your agency or firm?

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Bullhorn Finds Agency Sales Teams Are Biggest Users of Mobile

Bullhorn Mobile chart

Bullhorn Mobile chartSearch and staffing firms have been slow to adopt mobile recruiting practices that many of their corporate counterparts have been using in ever-expanding ways for several years, says new research about how independent recruiters use mobile.

Using both surveys and usage analysis of its mobile solution, Bullhorn found it’s the sales teams that consider mobile access extremely important by a margin 24% greater than do staffing recruiters. The primary use most firms make of mobile access is sending and receiving emails, and online time and expense management.

“One-hundred percent of the staffing salespeople polled who spent more than half their time outside in meetings considered mobile access important, with 86% considering it “extremely important,” reports Bullhorn in a new whitepaper, Mobile-Powered Selling for the Recruiting Industry.