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Don’t Just Check References, Market Yourself


bigstock-Employee-Reference-Check-Form-The purpose of this column is to explain how to use a standard reference check as a marketing and/or recruiting opportunity for you and your recruiting firm. While some firms outsource their reference checks to third party agencies or to their clients themselves, for those who prefer to check references directly, I offer some key strategies for obtaining new clients and new candidates at the same time.

Typically, recruiters who check references have a single goal in mind — to check the reference (and hope that it is positive!). After reading this column, I recommend that you consider having two additional goals:

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Engineer Survey: Recruiters Are How We Find Out About Jobs

IT engineer recruiting tactics

IT engineer recruiting tacticsNot having any luck reaching out to software engineers? Here’s some advice from Glassdoor: Keep trying.

Seventy percent of engineers say recruiters are one of the most common ways they hear about new opportunities. Friends, social media, former co-workers, nothing ranks higher than recruiters for new job information, with the very narrow exception of job boards. But with only 71% giving them the edge, it’s a statistical dead heat. And, when you consider how accessible and ubiquitous the posting sites are,  recruiters must be doing something right.


The ABCs Of Sourcing Law Job Candidates


The first step in sourcing legal candidates is to have a clear image in mind as to what the ideal looks like.

What qualities does the top candidate have that make them stand head and shoulders above the rest?

In the legal industry in particular candidates are likely to have all the qualifications, training and experience specified in a job description, making your task a little harder, as you have to sort through each suitable applicant to find the one with the right personality and work ethic to fit your client’s firm.

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Is Content Searching the Future of Social Recruiting?

Rob Dromgoole
Rob Dromgoole

Rob Dromgoole

Rob Dromgoole had a search that would challenge any recruiter. He needed to find a purple squirrel who also spoke Japanese.

Dromgoole is director of recruiting at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. But he thinks of himself and his team of four recruiters as a search firm. “Everyone’s working a desk. We do a lot of esoteric searches. We’re like a retained search firm,” he says.

The lab has multiple government contracts, and works on projects as unusual as analyzing the chemical signature of certain agricultural fuels for the Internal Revenue Service. Other work is secret. Finding the PhDs and others with highly specialized skills, and, often, security clearances is all in a day’s work.

“We just find a way to find people,” he says.


Can A Company Blow An Interview? Yes It Can!


tough-interview-questionsHas your company ever lost the competition for a great candidate to a competitive offer? If so, there’s an excellent chance that your firm may not have performed well in the interviewing, and recruitment of that candidate.

Proven executives are always difficult to find and attract; no recession exists for top performers. Competitive offers and offer “turn-downs” are more common now than ever.

Why should a firm’s leadership worry about such things? Let’s examine what’s at stake: First, the shortage of capable leadership inhibits optimal performance. Second, hiring the wrong person for important positions can prove catastrophic. And third, significant “opportunity costs” (unrealized revenue or savings) accompany understaffed positions. Undoubtedly, top performers make better decisions, and generate better results for your company.

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Didn’t Get My Email? Check Your Gmail Spam Folder


gmail logoSpam filters and kitchen sinks have some things in common.

Both suck down the waste you don’t want. Both will also suck down the occasional thing you do want, like a misplaced ring, or an email from a friend who uses exclamation points like a kid eats candy and doesn’t know enough not to capitalize every other word.

And, from time to time, both need attention.

Here, though, is where the analogy ends. Unlike your kitchen sink, your desktop spam filter is almost certainly the second (or even third) system disposal for email. Unless you invariably use webmail, and religiously check its junk folder, I can almost guarantee you are missing emails that no one would ever think are spam.

The culprit here is Gmail.

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Why Clients and Candidates Need Independent Recruiters

Carol Schultz

There is nothing like a good controversy to stir up one’s feelings and subsequently a fierce debate. One of my favorite things about reading articles on ERE is how some of its contributors have a wonderful ability to write articles that generate comments a mile long because of controversial subjects covered. We were barely into 2013 when Adrian Kinnersley wrote an article entitled, “Why LinkedIn will never kill the professional recruitment industry,” which was very on point.

People are so polarized around this issue, but the comments section was what really made it an interesting read for me. If I didn’t know better I would have expected a fistfight to break out. One commenter even suggested that commission-only salespeople are unable to provide independent advice to candidates, and candidates know this. This inspired me to pick up my pen (figuratively, that is) and write, which I haven’t done lately.

The Demise of the Agency Recruiter

First off, great agency recruiters won’t go away until they want to, even though there has been so much talk about their longevity. It started back in the olden days (the mid 1990s) when the Internet was still in its infancy. Companies like Monster, CareerBuilder, and Yahoo HotJobs came on the market and tried to convince everyone they were a panacea to recruiting. In my opinion they were –  and are — nothing more than prettied up classified ads. Many people said companies would no longer need to use agency recruiters.

Didn’t happen

Next, companies began ramping up their internal recruiting staffs. It was predicted that companies would no longer need to use agency recruiters.


The Five Things That Make A Successful Headhunter

jorg Stegemann

In more 10 years in the staffing industry in various operational, managerial, and corporate roles and in different countries, I have interviewed, coached, and trained hundreds of recruitment consultants from all over the world. Though local differences must be taken into consideration, the characteristics that make you a top performer in Salt Lake City also work in Singapore or in Paris. Based on what I saw, heard, and learned, here is my quintessential list of the 5+1 habits that make a top-performer in any economic cycle or market:

  1. Work close to the money: We work in an environment where priorities can change many times during the day. One call from a customer saying the job is filled or one email giving us a new job order can change how we spend our time from one second to the other. “Close to the money” is probably the best indicator that will tell you if you are currently working on a) the right things and b) in the right order. Constantly ask yourself, “What am I doing right now and will this action get me a bonus?” Think in a binary way: When the answer is “yes,” this means “yes”; “no” is “no”; and “maybe, not sure” is “no.”

6 Interview Tips To Help Your Candidate’s Star Shine


Candidates must be well prepared for their interviews in today’s competitive job market. Recruiters who go through the effort to source, screen, and submit the résumé of a qualified applicant must also take time to prepare him or her for upcoming interviews. Leaving this part of the recruiting process to chance could result in the loss of a placement; and possibly even a client or two.

When I was in HR, I once had a recruiter send me a candidate who didn’t even know the title of the position she was being interviewed for. She was completely unfamiliar with the company and had no clue what the role entailed. Needless to say, she didn’t get the job and I never used that recruiter again.

Here are a few quick and simple tips for you to help your candidates with interview preparation:

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Physical Therapists Are Tops In Demand, But Few Are Looking

Physical Therapist chart

Physical therapists are the new nurses of healthcare recruiting, so much in demand that help wanted ads for them are now among the most commonly advertised healthcare jobs online.

In fact, Wanted Analytics reports there are now more jobs advertised for physical therapists than any other job in any occupation, exceeding even those for nurses. And that’s after accounting for a 26 percent year-over-year decrease in the number.

Now a survey done by CKR Interactive’s Peer Group US, and healthcare marketing specialist Katon Direct, helps explain why it’s so difficult to fill physical therapist openings. Besides simply the growing demand for those services, professionals in the field simply don’t want to change jobs.