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Marketing and Sourcing With Social Media


Note: Don’t miss “5 Places to Source Candidates for Free.” Coming tomorrow.

Social media offers an infinite number of tools and techniques to market your contract staffing services and source contract candidates. But social media can be daunting. Here are some tricks for using the most popular social networks based on our own experiences, research, and discussions with recruiters.


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Don’t Just Check References, Market Yourself


bigstock-Employee-Reference-Check-Form-The purpose of this column is to explain how to use a standard reference check as a marketing and/or recruiting opportunity for you and your recruiting firm. While some firms outsource their reference checks to third party agencies or to their clients themselves, for those who prefer to check references directly, I offer some key strategies for obtaining new clients and new candidates at the same time.

Typically, recruiters who check references have a single goal in mind — to check the reference (and hope that it is positive!). After reading this column, I recommend that you consider having two additional goals:

Ask Barb

Step Up Your Efforts Now, to Avoid a Slowdown Later

Ask Barb

Dear Barb,

I’m curious to know what you are seeing in the marketplace in terms of available job orders to work on right now. Generally speaking are you seeing an increase or a decrease? I would also like some advice on how to encourage my team during slower times. I thought if you could share some stats on the marketplace that I could share this information with my team in hopes of encouraging them.


Dear Anonymous,

In the past year, I’ve addressed employment conferences from California to Toronto and I’m seeing an increase in job orders and contracts.


If You’re Not Mobile Ready, You’re Falling Behind

Glassdoor mobile survey infographic

Glassdoor mobile survey infographicInteresting fact: 91% of adults have their mobile phone within arm’s reach 24/7.

Weird (but not surprising) fact: 75% of Americans even bring their phones to the bathroom.

Mobile marketing is happening now, and it’s taking the recruiting industry by storm. Our devices have become extensions of our business and ourselves. Smartphones and tablets are bringing job boards to the palms of job seekers worldwide.

Welcome to a new era of recruiting tools! To those who are resistant to change, this is the perfect opportunity to breathe new life into your strategy.  You’ve always wanted to be the leader of the pack, right? It’s time to pick up the pace!

Business Development

Nine Ways to Better Client Marketing

2 minute coaching logo

1.) Defuse the sales pressure.

You must defuse the pressure inherent in the sales process by acting like a consultant rather than a salesperson. If your marketing objective is to find clients for whom you can truly provide value, then your prospect will sense this, and tend to be more open to what you have to say. The key is to let them know early on you are someone who does business differently than many of the recruiters they may have dealt with in the past.

On the first phone call you could say something like this:

Industry News

Indeed Launches Its First Advertising Campaign


Indeed logoAlready one of the most trafficked job sites in the world, Indeed says it’s embarking on a global advertising campaign to pump up its brand among job seekers and employers alike.

Until now Indeed’s growth has come with little marketing effort on its part. In less than a decade the job aggregator has gone from startup to take first place (or second, depending on what’s being counted) in job search traffic in the U.S. and in many parts of Europe. It’s less well known elsewhere, principally in Asia. 

Industry News

Real World Staffing: A Look Inside the World of Recruiting

Real World Staffing

Real World StaffingWhat’s a day in the life of a staffing professional like? If you’re Jenifer Lambert, it begins at the gym at 6 a.m. with a crossfit workout and ends more than 12 hours later at a dinner meeting. In between, she visits with clients, counsels candidates, reviews opportunities, discusses marketing plans, meets with staff, and more.

We know this because Lambert, vice president sales and marketing for Seattle’s Terra Staffing Group, is the star of Real World Staffing, a half-hour “film documentary” that chronicles Lambert’s workday, interspersing it with her own narration about the work she does and the passion she feels for the job.


Don’t Miss Out On Your Marketing Deductions


IRSBefore you file that tax return today take a second look at the deductions for marketing and promotion. Did you take all the deductions you’re entitled to?

Surprisingly, 43% of small business owners are entering zeros on that line of their business return or on their Schedule C. What’s more remarkable is that 27% of owners aren’t even aware that the IRS allows them to write off legitimate marketing expenses.

Not taking those expenses is like volunteering to pay more taxes than you have to, which makes about as much sense as ignoring a job order from a valued client. You wouldn’t do that, so why would you skip something as valuable as writing off what you spent on things like business cards, your website (and the hosting fees), holiday gift cards to clients, advertising, and those slick brochures you had printed.

Social Media

Five Top Picks for Socially-Acceptable Marketing Success

Instagram pic

You’ve got the basics covered with your presence on the major social media sites. Now, you need to take that next step by adding new tactics to your social media program. Using social media as a branding tool is great, but taking it to the next level will engage your audience.  Try these five tips energize your clients and candidates.

Ask Barb

Everyone Is Going Mobile. How About You?

Ask Barb

Dear Barb:

During a conversation at the Fordyce Forum last year, you were talking about the importance of having a mobile site for my company. Do you still feel that is necessary? I don’t think that many candidates look for us on their phones vs. their computers?

Jim T.

Houston, TX

Dear Jim: