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New Dice CEO Says Open Web Sourcing Tool Is Key to Future

Michaeel Durney Dice
Michael Durney Dice

Michael Durney

Dice Holdings, operator of multiple niche job boards, changes leaders next week, when current CFO Michael Durney takes over as CEO and president.

Chairman, CEO and President Scot Melland steps down Sept. 30 after a dozen years in the top company jobs. He will stay on as a company director.

Both Durney and Melland have overseen the growth of well-known tech career site, Dice.com, into the eponymous public company that today owns niche sites in energy, finance, and healthcare, as well as operating ClearanceJobs.com for jobs requiring security clearances, and tech networking and collaboration site Slashdot and code sharing site SourceForge, among others.

With so much recruiting attention focused on social networking, it’s a challenging time for job boards. LinkedIn has become the darling of the recruiting industry; its stock price soaring to nearly $250 a share, while Monster struggles to keep from falling below $4 a share.

Dice, too, hasn’t been spared the fallout. It’s stock which soared above $18 two years ago, has been trading at less than half that. Yet Durney, who took on operational responsibility for some of Dice’s newest acquisition just over six months ago, is optimistic about the future of the company and job boards generally.

In a Q&A, he credits LinkedIn for helping grow online recruiting budgets, and sees Open Web as a powerful new talent search tool that will be rolling out to much of the Dice family in the coming months.

Here’s our interview with kindergarten and high school dropout (read to the end), and incoming Dice CEO Michael Durney:

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LinkedIn Sued Over Alleged Hacking, Spamming

LinkedIn post complaint

LinkedIn_logoIn a blog post Saturday, LinkedIn denied charges in a federal lawsuit that it hacked into users email accounts collecting addresses of their contacts in order to send them marketing messages.

“Quite simply, this is not true,” writes Blake Lawit, senior director, litigation at LinkedIn.

He was responding to a class action suit filed last week that alleges LinkedIn accessed users’ Gmail, Yahoo, and other email accounts by pretending to be the account owner.  On its website, the  Los Angeles firm of Russ August & Kabat says, “The class action lawsuit charges LinkedIn with violations of federal and state law,” and solicits others to “Tell us your story.”

In the lawsuit, the firm cites numerous examples of posts on LinkedIn’s community site complaining about LinkedIn sending invitations to their contacts without their permission or knowledge. Typical of the cited complaints in the lawsuit is this one, posted in March to LinkedIn’s Help Center:

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Too Good for Job Boards? Try Using Them in Tandem With LinkedIn

Neil Lebovits

I cannot believe how many of my clients/followers tell me that they don’t or won’t use job boards because their clients either won’t pay for job board candidates or don’t want to see job board candidates. Many tell me with a gleeful condescension that they simply “don’t do the boards.”

All of you should be using job boards.

Why should you make this a key part of your strategy? Isn’t LinkedIn enough?

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The Die-Hard Phone Jockey’s Guide to LinkedIn


If there was a LinkedIn war for dominance who would win? I believe that the greatest of the “Cold Call Sellers,” the most “Old School” and yes the die-hard Phone Jockeys are the ones with the greatest edge. We are the ones who have the most to gain from staking a claim in the rich land that LinkedIn has created in cyberspace.

I propose that LinkedIn is actually the current ultimate source of unstoppable leverage for cold call selling. This leverage comes from LinkedIn’s unique, revolutionary method of organizing and presenting your most rabidly raving fans’ boldest recommendations. We will also discuss the power of the small, free step of connection when building relationship to your prospects, and also the power of your LinkedIn profile as your most important marketing document (and most definitely NOT merely an online resume!). But our main focus will be unleashing LinkedIn’s power to build instant, overwhelming credibility to enhance our cold call selling success.

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LinkedIn Unveils New Universal Resume Apply Button

apply with LinkedIn button

Just before lunchtime in New York City, LinkedIn announced it is offering employers a button to include on all their job postings enabling candidates to use their LinkedIn profiles to apply for the position.

This “Apply With LinkedIn” feature wraps up the candidate profile in a tidy package that feeds directly into any one of the several tracking systems it has or will partner with. No ATS? No problem. LinkedIn will email the profile to you.

This portable feature can be used on any job, anywhere, on any site, including any job board.

Five ATS providers — Peoplefluent, Jobvite, SmartRecruiters, Bullhorn, and Jobscience — turned on the automatic feature this morning. Taleo, Lumesse, and Kenexa will have it enabled in a matter of months.

However, as LinkedIn’s VP of product management, Adam Nash, explained, the company designed the “apply” feature to be used by small, as well as large employers. It’s “really trivial” for a hiring manager at even the smallest of firms to add the button to a job posting, and specify how and where the resume is to be received.

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The Simple Method of Working Smarter: Using Time, Tools, and Techniques to Get Your Life Back, Part 2

work desk by John Griffiths

Ten Technology Tools to Work Smarter

As world communication media quickly move toward faster communication methods, we all need to realize the impact technology is having, not only on society but on our profession as well. Adopting and using these changes can be a very daunting task. As recruiters, we need to ask ourselves, “How can I use these new technologies to achieve the greatest impact?” And, “Which ones do I use when there are so many options to choose from?” We all want to spend more time on the important things in our lives, and less time on the not so important. It is critical to assess the options based on what will give us the greatest return on our investment in the limited time that we have.

The good news is that technology provides the recruiter several options that can significantly improve daily output when used appropriately. Consider the following ways that technology can be used to work smarter rather than harder…

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LinkedIn and Third-Party Recruiters


I received the following email recently, forwarded from Jeff Allen (Jeff’s On Call!) by an upset recruiter:

Hi Jeff,

I’m a fan of yours and a subscriber to Fordyce. Like most…subscribers, I also spend a small fortune on LinkedIn every year. (Probably $3k-$50K depending on the size of the group). It appears that the sales folks at LinkedIn are aggressively going after our customers and trying to dis-intermediate us. I believe this is infuriating and unethical. Is there anything we can do as a group?

Please see the letter that one of their sales people sent to one of my clients. 

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LinkedIn’s Wild IPO: Is it Really Worth 5 Times More Than Monster?


Wall Street investors who were bidding up LinkedIn faster than the last seconds of a hot eBay auction pushed the company’s value to $9 billion.

Not bad for a job board business network that saw its first profit last year.

The stock, which was priced in its first filings with the Security and Exchange Commission at $32-$35, soared to $122.70, before settling back in late afternoon trading to around $96.50 a share.

Trading as LNKD, the stock was the darling of Wall Street. More than 27 million shares changed hands by the time the market closed, several times the 7.84 million share that were part of the initial public offering. More than 200 stories have appeared in the financial trades and online since the stock opened this morning.

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Rock Your Q2 Recruiting


Overall hiring is increasing! Recruiters I’ve recently spoken with, including many at the ERE Expo in San Diego recently, are all off to a great 2011. The forecast for the 2nd Quarter of 2011 is extremely optimistic for all industries.

What is the best way to take advantage and cash in on the new wave of hiring?

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LinkedIn’s New Beta: LinkedIn Signal


Last week, LinkedIn announced at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco about a new beta project it just launched called LinkedIn Signal. Here are some of the most important features as described in the official post from the LinkedIn blog:

Signal is the first of many LinkedIn products aimed at making it really easy for all professionals to glean only the most relevant insights from the never-ending stream of status updates and news. In other words, Signal allows all professionals to make sense of the noise that surrounds them today…Here are the five key features of LinkedIn Signal, a new product that we’re rolling out in limited beta today.