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Demand Eases, But Still Strong For Healthcare IT

IT healthcare hiring deman - wanted

IT healthcare hiring deman - wantedThere’s a little less competition for IT professionals in the healthcare sector this month. Based on a count of the online job postings for tech workers by healthcare providers and health insurers, February saw a 10.5% decline over February last year. Wanted Analytics says the downward trend began in the fall, after jobs peaked in October.

“Healthcare companies saw 7% fewer jobs this year than last, and medical insurance companies declined 14%,” says Wanted. “Overall, IT jobs represent about 3.4% of all hiring demand by healthcare related companies.”


Looking For a Sourcer? Consider a Skiptracer

library research - free

library research - freeHiring a good sourcer is difficult. Identifying potential new sourcers who do not have experience in recruiting, but have the skills to do the job, is even more difficult. If you’re trying to build a team of sourcers, consider targeting these professional backgrounds:

Skiptracers – Skiptracers are experts at finding people. They usually work for debt collectors or bail bonds companies who are trying to track down individuals who owe money. Per Wikipedia, skiptracing,


How Well Can You Evaluate Your Own Hires?

Interviewing - free

Interviewing - freeHow often have you heard owners and managers of staffing firms say:

Why is it that we can be so successful in finding top performers for our clients’ organizations, yet so inept at finding them for our own?

The answer to this question lies not in the finding. Rather, it lies in the ability to evaluate. Fact be known, the majority of staffing firms are well equipped to be effective with the process of finding (recruiting). After all, this is primarily a sales function and most industry specific training focuses on the development of sales skills. Still, as important as this may be, you must develop a completely different set of skills in order to be truly effective at evaluation.

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Job Growth Got Off To A Slower Start in January


Change-in-Nonfarm-Private-Employment-January-2014Snowy cold weather and a dose of post-holiday caution kept hiring softer in January than many economists were expecting. HR services company ADP and Moody Analytics reported this morning that 175,000 private sector jobs were created last month, 10,000 to 14,000 fewer than the average of analyst predictions.

The report sent stocks lower this morning, although other economic reports suggested there is more strength in the economy than this week’s deep drop in financial markets might suggest. The Institute for Supply Management, which helped set off Monday’s market decline with a weaker than expected manufacturing report, this morning reported  its services index rose to 54 last month from 53 in December. The ISM’s services employment index was also up.

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December Temp Hiring Strong, But Overall Jobs Report Is Anemic

December 2013 econ indicators

December 2013 econ indicatorsThe government’s estimates of December’s job growth released this morning stunned analysts with the report of an anemic  74,000 new jobs.

The report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics was expected to show about 200,000 new jobs last month. It contradicts other, positive signs of economic strength, including strong home sales, a rise in the manufacturing index over the last several months and growing consumer confidence. The National Employment Report from ADP and Moody’s Analytics, out Wednesday, estimated the private sector in December added 238,000 non-farm jobs.

The job growth number was the worst since May 2011.

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Construction Hiring Fuels Big Jump In Monthly Job Growth

ADP Dec. 2013 Change by sector

ADP Dec 2013 report change over 12 monthsThe New Year is starting on a positive note with HR services firm ADP reporting this morning that December saw more new jobs created than any month since November 2012. All industry sectors contributed to the 238,000 non-farm, private sector jobs added last month.

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Survey: 73% of Companies Plan More Tech Hiring


infographic_tech_hiring_v5.0The IT career site Dice.com says tech hiring isn’t getting any easier and may get even harder this year.

Dice.com surveyed hiring managers and recruiting professionals to find 73% of them  report their companies plan to do more hiring of tech workers in the next several months. Nearly a quarter of all the survey respondents told Dice their tech hiring would be “substantial.”

Lured by more pay, the number of professionals switching jobs is growing. More than 40% of the survey respondents said they’ve lost tech staff in the last six months. That compares to just over 30% who said that in the spring survey. The number one reason for the job changes: pay, reported three-quarters of the survey participants.

Making clear just how challenging the recruiting environment is for companies seeking tech workers, almost 6 in 10  said they’ve had to leave to positions vacant because of their existing salary guidelines. And a third of them have had offers rejected.

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Sales, IT Top Jobs to Fill in 2014 Says CareerBuilder

CB job forecast 2014 hiring change

CB 2014 Jobs forecast in demand jobsInfluenced by the budget uncertainty in Washington, HR professionals and hiring managers in CareerBuilder’s annual survey of hiring intentions said they expected to increase headcount in 2014, but the numbers and the rate of hire would depend on Congressional action about the debt ceiling.

The budget bill President Obama signed last week resolved only part of the national fiscal uncertainty. The debt ceiling, which is due to come in February, is a different matter. Both parties has so far signaled their intention not to compromise on raising the federal borrowing limit.


Nation’s Law Firms Shift Focus to Lateral Hiring

Law firm hiring

Law firm hiringSearch firms haven’t yet seen it, but those specializing in attorney placement could be in for a boon in the coming years, as the nation’s largest law firms accelerate their hiring of mid-level attorneys.

The traditional model of hiring summer associates who then get hired as entry-level attorneys, eventually working their way up the career ladder before retiring from the firm where they started is essentially dead.

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Economy Shows Strength Adding 203,000 Jobs

econ index nov. 2013

econ index nov. 2013Unemployment fell to the lowest level in five years in November as employers added 203,000 jobs, demonstrating an economic strength that surprised economists who had been expecting lower numbers.

The U.S. Labor Department report out this morning said the unemployment rate declined to 7.0% from October’s 7.3%, even as more workers joined the labor force and the total employed population rose, in part reflecting the return to work of furloughed federal employees.

Temp staffing was one of the strong growth areas, adding 16,400 jobs, after a slower October, when 9,100 temp jobs were added. Over the last year, temp and contract labor agencies have added 219,000 new jobs.

“This is just a clean sweep,” said Stuart Hoffman, chief economist for PNC Financial Services Group. “It’s a very good report. It’s across the board.”