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Recruiting APAC Workers Expected to be Harder This Year

Recruitment activity level MRIC 2015 report

Recruitment activity level MRIC 2015 reportProfessionals in greater China and Singapore are being aggressively recruited, but fewer are willing to make a change as optimism about the economic and financial outlook wanes.

The 2015 edition of MRIC’s Talent Report: Greater China & Singapore  says there’s a regional trend toward more stability in the labor market as mid- and senior-level managers and professionals turn more cautious about changing jobs or relocating. (The MRIC report, in partnership with market research firm Ipsos, is based on more than 4,500 surveys.)


Recruiting In Japan: Ask Your Client These 6 Questions

Japan - Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee - Free

The changing face of recruitment is a global issue, yet international recruitment is presented with the added challenge of cultural nuances and labor regulations that are country-specific.

When a client seeks to enter a new market, in the case of this article, in Japan, the role of a top recruiter is not only to provide recruiting-related candidate information and evaluation, but also advice about the market to determine the feasibility of a future business.

When you consider recruitment in Japan, new market entrants, regardless of industry sector, can benefit greatly by asking them the following six questions to determine if they are taking the right approach to the Japanese market.

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Sourcing and Recruiting in Asia? Try These Resources

Editor’s Note: Originally developed and posted the sourcing audience on our sister SourceCon.com, it contains so much useful information for search companies who recruit in Asia-Pacific that we wanted to share it with the Fodyce audience.

Do you recruit and source in Asia? If so, you’re in luck. The Social Talent team has created a video which explains the top resources to help you find the right candidates in Asia.


Hiring Mistakes to Avoid When Recruiting in Germany

German Flag

German FlagCompanies coming into Germany often look for sales people, business development managers or similar people in order to get business in Germany going.

As a recruitment agency in Germany, specializing in helping foreign companies set up shop here, we find that these companies often make the following mistakes:

Ask Barb

Go Global? Develop A Solid 30 Account Base First

Ask Barb

Dear Barb:

Is international recruiting something I should consider? I live in Seattle and place primarily in the Bay Area. I keep hearing about people making a killing placing in Europe, Asia and other international areas. I’m a sole proprietor and don’t have the advantage of a team to support me. Do you think this is a way to avoid getting hit when the U.S. economy takes another dive?

Justin G.

Seattle, WA

Dear Justin:

You never shared your niche or area of specialization in your question. I always advise that a client territory of 30 accounts is pretty much recession proof. This is comprised of 10 key accounts and 20 back-ups. The key accounts call you first, view you as a trusted advisor/consultant and hire multiple candidates from you throughout the year. The back-up accounts call you and others and probably view you as one of the vendors they utilize for top talent. However, they know who you are and the services you provide.

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The Globalization of Retained Executive Search

earth by US Mission Geneva

Phileas Fogg in Jules Verne’s famous odyssey was a predecessor of today’s road warrior. Having recently completed a ‘round-the-worlder’ I could have wished for the lack of jet lag that Fogg must have enjoyed, but maybe the rigors of modern airports are nevertheless less demanding than the Indian jungles, snakes, hot air balloons, and other obstacles with which he had to grapple – or not.

There is no doubt that travel broadens the mind even though it cricks the back and dehydrates the body. But it is a pre-requisite in today’s world of business and in executive search.

I have recently had the opportunity to visit Brazil, China, India, and the Middle East on behalf of the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC), meeting our members, listening to market experts and senior HR leaders, and talking to the press. It has been an education but also a revelation since it has brought home to me how much the world is changing, and has changed, post-Lehman (as it is referred to in Dubai).

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Podcast: Catching Up With Greg Savage, Founder of Firebrand Talent Search


Last fall, I chatted with Greg Savage, founder and Global CEO of Firebrand Talent Search, about some recent changes in his professional career. Savage is the former International CEO of Aquent, and at the time of our talk, the company had recently transitioned Aquent’s permanent placement business to Firebrand while Aquent retained its temp, contract, freelance, and temp-to-perm placement business. We discussed the thought process behind this decision as well as some of Savage’s thoughts on the importance social media would play in the development of the new Firebrand name and image.

Now, over half a year after this transition, I caught up with him to see how things were going. During our chat, Savage talked about some of the challenges as well as the rewards that he has seen during this transition period. When I asked him if it has been worth it, he responded with, “It’s like asking that question of someone on mile 15 of running a marathon.” But the change has been well worth it for him, as well as the rest of Firebrand’s 100+ person global workforce.

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AESC Report Shows Steady Start for Senior Executive Recruiting in 2011


According to the Association of Executive Search Consultants’ (AESC) first quarter 2011 report on the retained executive search industry that was just released, the industry is showing signs of steady growth and reason for confidence in the year ahead. This follows a 29% comeback for senior executive recruiting in 2010 against the lows of 2009. In the report, first quarter data revealed a 7% rise in the number of new executive searches started worldwide from the fourth quarter of 2010.

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International Search: Timing Is Everything

Jackie Nabat

International Search! Sounds sexy, sophisticated, jet setter-ish, and on target for what is now our Global Economy! It’s all those things and more. While it is exciting, it is more of a headache from a recruitment standpoint; however, like everything in life, it’s all about timing.

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New AESC Report Indicates Executive Search in Transition


In a report published today by the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC), the worldwide professional organization for retained executive search consulting, key trends indicate a professional service undergoing change as client demands broaden on a global scale and the industry adjusts to the impact of the internet.