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Fordyce TV: Territory Management and Laser Prospecting


UPDATE: Here is the video recap of Neil’s latest episode about cold calling and territory management. Enjoy!

Although cold-calling and territory management remain popular topics, the real reason one feels the need to “manage” their territory is because, well, the territory is too big!

When you have too much to focus on, the end result is that little gets done with any one prospect, according to Neil Lebovits, who returns to Fordyce TV on Tuesday, December 8. In his next live appearance, he will cover one of his best-kept secrets.

“Dare I say, the concept might be the most responsible for landing me on the global executive team of the world’s largest staffing firm,” he says.

“Once I learned and mastered this, I was not only able to ‘kill it’ on my desk, but I enabled countless recruiters and sales reps to literally double their business,” he adds.

Join us at 2pm Eastern this coming Tuesday to hear Neil’s secrets to landing the big accounts and to landing even more in 2010. Right at 2pm, log on to www.fordyceletter.com and click the small TV box to enjoy the show.


Fordyce TV Replay: Young Dogs and Old Dogs


For those who missed the live show, catch a recap of Jeff Kaye as he interviews two outstanding big billers: “Old dog” Mike Kittelson and “young dog” Jason Johnson. Hear how a Generation Y recruiter is taking on the mindset of The Old Guard, while an industry veteran is learning new tricks. Enjoy the show:


Fordyce TV: Young Dogs Using Old Tricks and Old Dogs Learning New Tricks


Following the conclusion of a successful two-part series featuring Shally Steckerl and everything you have ever wondered about sourcers, Fordyce TV is returning next week for another live, brand-new episode and going back to the basics of training.

So save the date of Tuesday, December 1 and catch Jeff Kaye as he interviews two big billers — one an old-school legend, the other a young recruiting rock star.


Fordyce TV: If You Need a Sourcer, Part 2


Last week on Fordyce TV, Shally Steckerl explained how to start a sourcing function, and in part 2 of his series, he’ll go deeper into building a team and managing a research resource.

After all, once you have hired sourcers, how you manage, motivate, and lead world-class researchers is the next challenge. In this episode, scheduled for 2pm Eastern on Tuesday, November 24, learn how best to organize your researchers to support your recruiters, performance enhancers, and inhibitors for sourcers, metrics, and more. If you’ve had or been part of a sourcing team, share your experiences and let Shally give you his expert take on how to make it work even better next time.

Check out his upcoming show on www.fordyceletter.com this Tuesday the 24th, and catch last week’s part 1 here.

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Fordyce TV Replay: Shally and If You Need a Sourcer


Here is the replay of Shally’s live appearance on Fordyce TV on Tuesday, November 17. Sorry for the inconvenience of rescheduling this show from last week, but based on those who participated in the show and asked questions, it was worth the wait. (Check out Part 2 live next week, Tuesday, November 24.)


Fordyce TV: If You Need a Sourcer, Part 1


If your organization believes it needs dedicated sourcing (recruiting research/name-generation) assets, don’t miss this invaluable live session of Fordyce TV scheduled for Tuesday, November 10, featuring Shally Steckerl.

Sourcers, also called researchers, can save big money by pipelining candidates who may never have applied through traditional avenues.

“But there is a downside — sourcing experts are difficult to find and retain,” says Shally.


Replay of Shally’s Part 2 on Client Sourcing


While the video portion wasn’t functioning, Shally rocked the information via audio-only until the show ended unexpectedly due to technical difficulties. Shally shared countless useful tips, websites, and more — one of today’s viewers likened him to a reference librarian, and after taking notes from this hour-long replay, you’ll understand why.

(Shally will return to Fordyce TV in November — save the date for November 10!)


Fordyce TV: Client Sourcing, Part 2



Are you looking for some fresh client prospect sourcing tips?

Then save the date for Tuesday, October 27, when Shally Steckerl returns to Fordyce TV! This is a follow-up show to his episode back in August, which explored Shally’s best sourcing tips and how he reverse-engineered his world-famous Internet sourcing and research techniques.

In this live show, Shally will share more of the ways he gets insider details, including key names and job titles, contact details, internal promotions/moves, and other intel to better prepare himself for the cold call.

The show will be held at 2pm on Tuesday the 27th on www.fordyceletter.com (right before the show you’ll see a small TV logo — click the white arrow in the box — if you don’t see the box at 2, try refreshing the screen once or twice until you see it). There will be a live Q&A session via the chat box with Shally after the presentation, too, so come prepared with questions.


Replay of TalentDrive on Fordyce TV


For those of you who missed it yesterday, or those who simply want to watch it again, here is the video of TalentDrive’s CEO Sean Bisceglia exploring the distinct personalities and agendas among HR professionals. Sean also reviewed the results of his “What Gets HR’s Attention” survey and how understanding the current mindset of HR helps prepare you to sell through objections.


Nudge Neil: Lowering Fees in a Bad Economy?


Q: Just like everyone else, I am constantly being asked to lower my fees to get an order. I know that once I lower my fees, I will have a hard time ever raising them again. Do you have any tips so that my clients know I am only doing this because times are tough right now?

A: In general, I am not a believer that lowering your prices will bring in more business. That is not the purpose of your question, but if you are thinking of trying it, then DO NOT.

Here is a brief video on that topic. If you get really good at selling contingency, then you should almost never have to discount it. If you haven’t seen this episode of Fordyce TV on perm fee negotiations, take time to watch it now!

Any time supply exceeds demand, it is reasonable to expect to see some element of pricing pressure. There are always times where we need to drop the fee on a particular order, but you are right to worry about your ability to raise fees later on. It is much easier to lower fees than it is to raise them! The same holds true if you agree to work with a client at any fee below your full fee.

Here is a great trick to ensure that your discounts are viewed as one-time only discounts:

NEVER, EVER, EVER, NEVER, EVER, NEVER (get it?) LOWER YOUR FULL FEE. NEVER!! BUT, feel free, WHEN YOU HAVE TO, to offer a special one-time or limited DISCOUNT to your fees!

For example, if you always do a 30% fee with a client and decide that you WILL agree to what nets out to be a 20% fee, here’s how you do it.