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The Five Biggest Industry Threats: Guess Who Made the List?

Jonathan Thom
Jonathan Thom

Jonathan Thom

If there ever was any doubt about what are the biggest threats to independent recruiters and to the profession as a whole, Jonathon Thom straightened that out this morning.

Although he didn’t quite put it this way, he might as well have quoted Pogo: “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

In his hour-long keynote here opening the second day of the 2013 Fordyce Forum, Thom listed the “Top 5  Threats Facing Staffing and Recruiting.” These are, he said:

  1. Inability to Innovate.
  2. Losing Your competitive advantage.
  3. Globalization and Consolidation.
  4. Poor leadership and communication.
  5. Regulatory nightmares.

Of the five, four are squarely in the lap of owners and agency leaders. Declared, Thom, vice president, professional staffing,Express Employment Professionals, “The post recession economy requires a different set of skills than we needed in the past… We need to be very fluid… We have to innovate and do a better job of communicating what we do not only with the clients we sell to, and the candidates, but with our own people.

“A very big piece of our future depends on changing and adapting.”

Fordyce Forum

Fordyce Keynoter Counsels: “We Have to Become Headhunters Again”


DSC_0468“We have to become headhunters again.” With that call to action, Greg Doersching opened the 2013 Fordyce Forum, telling a packed room during his morning keynote here in Dallas that business as usual isn’t the way to do business anymore.

The 10 jobs most in demand in 2010, Doersching observed, didn’t even exist a scant few years before. The Millennials now entering the workforce will have at least 10 jobs, and as many as 14, before they’re 38. “This is going to be the new norm,” he said.

Everything has to be  invented anew. But with the dramatic demographic changes now upon us — a loss of one-third of the workforce in barely 15 years — “We can’t just keep doing what we have been doing and expect it’s still going to work for us,” he said.

As he “unfogged the future” for the gathering of search firm owners and leaders, Doersching detailed four areas that, he said, “demand our attention”:

Fordyce Forum

When Seeking Diversity Talent, Companies Often Turn to Search Firms


Fordyce Forum 2013 logoNote: Larry A. Green is a a speaker at the upcoming Fordyce Forum 2013. His breakout, Diversity Is Good For Your Business, will show you how to connect with diversity candidates, and meet your client’s requirements that your candidate list be as inclusive and broad as possible. In this article, he offers insights to what you need from the hiring organization and what it should be looking for in a search firm committed to diversity. Register now at Fordyce Forum 2013.

Many organizations do a good job of diversity recruiting at the college and mid-management level, but often fall short when it comes to the senior management ranks. It is well-recognized that having women and people of color in the top spots will assist in your overall diversity recruiting efforts as well as in retention of diverse mid-managers and entry-level employees.

Dedication to attracting talented women and people of color who often are underrepresented at the senior management and board levels of many organizations has now become a priority.

Traditional recruiting methods used by internal recruiting departments, such as posting jobs and identifying individuals in similar positions may not yield the desired results when attempting to build an inclusive workforce. Thus, hiring organizations often turn to executive search firms, insisting on an inclusive candidate slate, but often are disappointed with the results.

Fordyce Forum

Secrets To Becoming A Successful Niche Recruiter


Fordyce Forum 2013 logoNote: Joe Ankus, a speaker at the upcoming Fordyce Forum 2013, will show you how to transition from generalist to niche special during his breakout presentation, “Top Five Secrets of the Niche Recruiter.” In this article, he offers a preview of his presentation. Register now at Fordyce Forum 2013.

Are you a generalist looking to narrow the scope of your practice? Are you ready to take on a more focused recruiting sector? Are you open to the possibility of being a true expert in a high demand market area? If you have said “Yes” to any of these questions, then I invite you to learn the top five secrets of the successful niche recruiter.

By way of brief background, I graduated law school in 1989 and followed the traditional attorney career path working at two of the nation’s largest law firms as an overpaid, hardworking corporate and litigation associate in both Philadelphia and Miami.

In truth, I loved the law but hated the daily grind; billing hours, reading boring documents, and arguing over the wording of a contract until I would pull the remaining hair out of my head.  As luck would have it, my phone rang (as all good recruiting stories start) and I was asked by a local recruiter if I wanted to consider joining another law firm. Without hesitation, I said “No. I want to be a recruiter like you” and my 20+ year career as a niche legal recruiter was born.

Fordyce Forum

‘Unparalleled ROI’: What You Get At Fordyce Forum 2013

Barb Bruno at Fordyce

Fordyce Forum 2013 logoOne of the speakers at the upcoming Fordyce Forum 2013 called me last week to discuss his presentation. He wanted to make sure he was on track with the directives  conference chair Barb Bruno issued.

On a call with the speakers she told them in very specific, clear, and direct language that they must:

  • Provide value for every single person there.
  • Develop a workshop with participation. These are supposed to be interactive sessions.
  • Provide at least three solid “takeaways”; things participants can use on Monday that will give them a big ROI.
  • Be interesting. You want them to go away saying “I didn’t know that,” and “I can use that or do that.”
Fordyce Forum, Jeff's On Call!

Secrets, Agreements and Fees Topped Jeff’s Consults at Fordyce

Jeff Allen mug

If you just returned from the 2012 Fordyce Forum in Dallas, you might have to look in the mirror to recognize yourself.

That’s because you’re probably a different person than when you left. A little sharper, a little more positive, a little more confident.

Why is that? What makes this industry confab so very unique? Unlike any association, network or franchise event? There are three things:

Fordyce Forum

2012 Fordyce Forum Opens with ‘Hundreds of Ideas’

Barb Bruno at Fordyce

There are five prime motivators that drive every candidate. Appeal to them and you’ll close your prospect nearly every time.

Those motivators, and how to make them work for you, was the theme of Greg Doersching’s presentation to the recruiters gathered here in Dallas for the annual Fordyce Forum. A recruiter and trainer, managing partner and founder of The Griffin Search Group, Doersching provided his audience loads of down-to-earth advice on what he said is his version of sourcing — getting a candidate to say yes — and mean it — to a job opportunity.

Most recruiters open their initial conversation with a prospect by pre-qualifying them, instead of attracting them. That’s a mistake, said Doersching, trying to “jam” together the qualifying phase with the attraction. Even when they give you a yes, unless you’ve hit enough of the five motivators, you may never hear from them again. So “give them the details; hit those motivators,” he said.

Fordyce Forum

Coming Soon! Fordyce Forum 2011


We know you are anxiously awaiting the announcement, so here it is! Get ready for Fordyce Forum 2011, recruiters… we’re heading back to Vegas.

Very soon, we will be launching the Fordyce Forum 2011 conference site where you can read up on speakers and get yourself registered for this annual event that brings together the best of the best in the search and placement world. Get ready to fill your brains and your notepads with tips and success principles shared by some of the best and brightest minds in the business – who also happen to be your peers and friends!

To get things kicked off and to help get you excited for the conference, here is a video chat with this year’s Conference Chair, Jenifer Lambert.

Fordyce Forum

Fordyce Forum 2011: Call for Presenters


We are beginning to make preparations for the 2011 Fordyce Forum, which will be held at the M Resort from June 1 – 3, 2011, so mark your calendars! As part of the prep, we would like to get your thoughts on whom you want to hear from! If you have a recommendation for a presenter or a session topic, please email it to amybeth@fordyceletter.com. As well, if you are personally interested in presenting, please submit your interest along with a topic idea and links to prior presentations (podcasts, videos, etc.). Any media you can provide to show us past presentations will be helpful. We will evaluate each submission thoroughly and begin making speaker selections shortly.

Thanks, and hope to see you in Vegas for Fordyce Forum 2011!

Counter Offers

Counteroffers – Are You Kidding Me?


Nope, it’s true…they are making a comeback!

At the 2010 Fordyce ForumJenifer Lambert led a great presentation on her research based on client needs and satisfactions.  One of the topics that came up in that discussion was the resurgence of counteroffers.  I remembered an article I had used in 2005 as we were experiencing incredible competition for talent.  I often gave this to candidates as I conducted their initial interview to try and head off counteroffer acceptances. I want to offer that to Fordyce Readers as a downloadable pdf to share with their candidates as the situation arises (and it will!).

Counteroffer – Just Don’t Take It!

Picture this scenario:  After working several years for your current company, you feel your job has become stagnant.  The working conditions have declined, or were never what you expected, your company or position has not been challenging to you, and there is little room or opportunity to reach your full potential.  Fortunately, you have secured a new position at another company and you are looking forward to a better environment, management, salary, commute, promotion potential, flexibility, or whatever the benefits may be that will be an improvement over your current situation. When you inform your manager of your decision to leave, s/he may give you an offer to entice you to stay, even promising to match whatever benefits your new position may be offering. It could be a higher salary, better benefits, more responsibilities, or a job title to make your colleagues green with envy.  This is too good to pass up, right?