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Time for Recruiting to ‘Go Local’


Over the last few years, there has been a push to “buy local.” Buying local allows for each community to have a stake in the financial well being of its infrastructure. This trend is a 180-degree turn from the “global” society we have become. We are realizing that we have to go back to a local mentality in order to build a stronger economy.

Buying local cuts down on energy costs, helps small businesses survive against the bigger conglomerates, and gives the consumer a stake in improving his or her own community. Otherwise explained, we are going “old school” by buying groceries the same way our grandparents did. I foresee companies taking a similar trend in their approach to recruiting and hiring talent.

Over the last few years, I’ve seen companies go on quests to use “big data” to automate hiring as much as possible in order to make the process a cost effective and simple transaction.  The hope is that if you use technology and other tools in the selection process, then hiring should be as easy as pushing a button. Take as much of the human interaction out of the equation as possible, and you should have a straightforward transaction sans differences of opinions that should result in a perfect hire.

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Sourcing and Recruiting in Asia? Try These Resources

Editor’s Note: Originally developed and posted the sourcing audience on our sister SourceCon.com, it contains so much useful information for search companies who recruit in Asia-Pacific that we wanted to share it with the Fodyce audience.

Do you recruit and source in Asia? If so, you’re in luck. The Social Talent team has created a video which explains the top resources to help you find the right candidates in Asia.


The Office Temps You Tell to “Break a Leg”

Addison temp Andy Planck portrays Trevor Graydon, performing  in Thoroughly Modern Millie.
Addison temp Andy Planck portrays Trevor Graydon, performing  in Thoroughly Modern Millie.

Addison temp Andy Planck portrays Trevor Graydon, performing in Thoroughly Modern Millie.

If you’re looking for office temps you can place in any environment and know they’ll fit in, who won’t quit on you the instant they get offered a full time job, and who want the flexibility you’re offering, hold a casting call.

Chicago’s Addison Group, discovered a few years ago that performers make great office workers, and today, the staffing firm has over 100 theatrical workers in its database. As much as 35% of Addison’s contract admin placements are actors, actresses, directors, writers, and others who work behind the scenes.

What they have in common, and what makes them so desirable, says Ed Kavanagh, president of Addison’s administrative division, is their ability to fit into so many different environments.

“Typically, actors are very comfortable in different roles,” Kavanagh says. Many have improv experience, which requires them to respond to situations and people with no prior planning. “Actors, actresses really do a good job reading people and they fit in very well. They are very adaptable.”

Temping also fits their lifestyle. It gives them the flexibility to make it to tryouts and casting calls, while still having a source of income. Should they land a role, they can they can cut back on their temp work.

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Are We Nearing A World Without Passives?

Job seeker motivations linkedin 2014

Talent trends overGetting the cold shoulder from your LinkedIn prospects? Maybe it’s just bad luck that you’re sourcing for high demand candidates who may be in that rarefied category called “super passive.”

Most of the workers of the world who visit LinkedIn are open to a new job and, in the U.S. 43% of them are open to talking to recruiters. Even the ranks of the super passives are in decline, dropping 25% globally (from 20% to 15%) since a survey in 2012.

In the largest survey the business networking site has undertaken, more than 18,000 LinkedIn visitors shared their attitudes about job prospecting and career satisfaction. Several hundred from each of 26 countries participated, in many cases expressing very similar feelings about how actively they are looking for a new job and what it is that would prompt them to make a switch. (The full report is available

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How to Tell When You Need a Sales Specialist Recruiter


salesperson wantedRecruiting successful sales people is one of the biggest challenges facing employers today.

As the economy continues to improve, sales professionals are more in demand than ever. So working with a specialist sales recruiter is one of the most effective ways of competing for the top talent.

But don’t take our word for it. Here are six signs that you may benefit from working with a specialist agency for your next sales vacancy:


Contingent Conundrum: Building Relationships or Slinging Spaghetti?

Hard to get dollar illus - free

Hard to get dollar illus - freeWe’ve lost the human side of recruiting to the tools and repetitive tasks of recruiting.

I could go into a long diatribe, but a short one will do. I’ve said over and over in many different ways that recruiting, by and large, is a broken system. True recruiting is a complex process that takes years to refine and there is no panacea that makes it easier. Tech startups are popping up regularly with new gimmicks to make recruiting easier. They are trying to build a better mousetrap and companies are the “suckers” that buy into it. It’s these tools that I believe are preventing recruiters from learning how to actually recruit, a process that many of us “old timers” learned years ago.

Paid By Employers To Fill Jobs?

Not necessarily. If you are a retained recruiter you’re paid to fill jobs. If you are a contingent recruiter, you’re not paid to fill jobs. You’re working for FREE, until you make a placement. Most companies work with several recruiters on each job opening to mitigate their risk, and improve the chances of finding the right person. This is why the majority of contingent search folks sling spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks.


What You Can Do to Improve Your Candidate Engagement


teamworkDo candidates know you? Do they like you? Do you stay in regular contact with your candidates even if they don’t get the job? Do they come to you as a knowledgeable resource when it comes to employment?  If not – congratulations, you are “just like everyone else.”

Finding resumes is easy; finding talent is not. Successful recruiters are doing the things those “like everyone else” do not want to do. They take the time to engage candidates. Employee engagement is a huge focus for companies. They know there isn’t enough talent out there to they want to keep them engaged. To quote Wikipedia:

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Supercharge Your Sourcing With ‘Old School’ Technology

Conni LaDouceur
Conni LaDouceur

Conni LaDouceur

There’s more to sourcing than matching a candidate to whatever job order you happen to be working at the moment, and no one knows that better than Conni LaDouceur.

Founder and Chief Sourcing Strategist of ExecuQuest Corp., LaDouceur has consulted for some of the best known brands in the world, identifying candidates and gathering business intelligence others overlook. One of the most respected authorities on sourcing strategies for talent acquisition and competitive intelligence gathering, she has trained thousands of recruiters and sourcers, emphasizing direct telephone sourcing to supplement Internet and database searching.

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LinkedIn To Begin Charging For Group InMails


LinkedIn_logoLinkedIn is making a change to the way recruiters can reach out to members of a group. Beginning Tuesday LinkedIn will charge for sending mass mailings to group  members.

InMails recruiters send from Recruiter to fellow group members who aren’t 1st degree connections will be deducted from their allotted monthly InMail credits


Hunters Are Active. Trappers Passive. Which Kind of Recruiter Are You?

searching sourcing - free

searching sourcing - freeSourcing for candidates takes skill and strategy – it’s not something that just happens overnight. In order to successfully attract and retain candidates, you need to do more than simply post a job opening in hopes that the talent that you want will be attracted to it. You need a more pragmatic approach. Simply put, you need to step up and be a hunter — not a trapper.

How do hunters relate to recruiters and hiring managers? Let’s break down the actions and see how hunting actually makes sense in looking for top candidates.