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Grow Your Revenue With Contract Staffing

Temp workers March 2015

As you look at your revenues so far this year, are you satisfied? If you are looking for more growth, the answer may lie within your contract staffing services — or lack thereof.

Contract staffing in the United States continues to grow at a rapid pace. The temporary help services category continues to grow, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. You can tap into this trend by either adding contract staffing or expanding your current contract staffing services.

Adding contracting to your service offerings is a great way to create another revenue stream and provide an alternative staffing option to your clients. With the help of a full-service contract staffing back-office, you can add contracting with no ramp-up time or financial investment.

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Win Your Client’s Trust and Business With Full Immersion Recruiting


Editor’s note: Miriam Ziemelis initially aimed this article at RPOs. But one look and you’ll see her advice is even more relevant for independent recruiters who want to work more closely with their clients and potentially develop an exclusive relationship.

I’m a recruiter. Specifically, I am an IT recruiter. Even more specifically, I have been an IT recruiter in the consumer goods, health care, cosmetics, spirits and wine, industrial mining, insurance, banking and publishing industries, to name a few. Years of experience have taught me that to be a successful recruiting consultant you have to immerse yourself in your client’s business and industry. Once you’ve done that, your client will pull up a chair for you at their table and welcome you as their business partner.

Know Your Client’s Business

“What do you know about us?” It’s such a basic and open-ended question. But how you answer it will define your relationship with the client. It will mean the difference between being a mere “recruiter” and a recruiting business consultant: your client’s business partner. What do clients expect


Build Your Brand Through Content Marketing

Content market 2015

You have a presentation in one hour and you need more material. Your natural inclination is to “Google” it. Bingo — you run across a well-prepared whitepaper with just the detailed information you require. Here it comes – - the contact form. You think, “Is it worth giving my name and email to get this report based on a new study?” If the report is enticing, you give your address and dig into the juicy data so you can get your presentation done.

What happens next? Do you get a follow-up email with an offer from the firm that published and so generously shared the whitepaper? In my case, I get a follow-up email only 25% of the time. I wonder about the amount of energy these companies spend to produce high-quality content marketing materials, only to let those emails languish in the abyss of their database.

Even if the firm does not follow-up with those who provided email addresses, having a library of high-quality, relevant whitepapers will boost the firm’s credibility. If they do this over a period of time, they promote their image as an expert on these topics. There is value in that alone.

Ask Barb

12 Ways to Improve Your Sales

Ask Barb

Dear Barb:

What is the quickest way to increase sales next year? This last quarter has not been our best, which has me concerned over the first quarter of next year! I’ve thrown out contests that no one wins, I’ve been overly nice to my team and they take advantage of me, and when I micro-manage I lose people. Help!

Patricia C., Toronto, CA

Dear Patricia:

It is important that your management style is consistent and that you don’t try to change too many things. Nothing will be implemented long term. I’m going to give you several ideas. My suggestion would be for you to select one idea from the following list and implement it for 21 working days so it becomes a new habit.

Here’s my list:


How a Veteran Recruiter Generates Contract Placements

Linda Blakemore
Linda Blakemore

Linda Blakemore

Recruiting is a profession built around relationships, and contract staffing is no exception. The key to generating quality contract staffing leads is enhancing existing relationships with clients and creating new ones.

Linda Blakemore, president and owner of the Atlantic Pacific Group in Laguna Beach, Calif., is an expert at building client relationships, which has allowed her to establish a successful contract staffing business in addition to her direct hire placements. During last year’s Top Echelon Network National Convention, she shared her technique for generating contract staffing job orders.

Ask Barb

Here’s How To Compete In A Crowded Market

Ask Barb

Dear Barb:

It seems more difficult than ever to break in to new accounts. I place engineers and we have eight primary competitors in our city. How do I convince a client to use us when we don’t have an established track record with them and they are already using five or six of our competitors? We’ve actually been told they don’t want to “break in” another recruiter.

Julia C.
Dallas, TX

Dear Julie:

If your clients are using five or six other recruiters, no one is really doing a

Ask Barb

Too Many Unfilled JOs? Focus On 15%

Ask Barb

Dear Barb:

Thanks for suggesting that we develop a client referral program. Since we began to donate to a company’s favorite charity if they refer someone who hires from us, our client referrals have more than tripled.

This has caused another problem: our job order to fill ratio has dramatically increased. In fact, we are only placing one out of nine job orders written. Often the job orders written with new clients are not reasonable, out of our niche, or mission impossible. How do we get our

Ask Barb

Ask Barb: The Next Step After Leaving Voicemail

Ask Barb

Dear Barb:

For the past sixty days I’ve been using the voicemails that you suggested leaving for both marketing and recruiting presentations. It does work to get clients to call me back. In fact, I now have an 80% call back percentage. However, one of my prospects, a VP of HR, was upset when she realized I was a recruiter. She insisted on knowing the reason for my call and who referred her to me. How do I overcome this type of reaction?

Jill F., Springfield, IL

Business Development

The Art of Marketing and Business Development, Part 3 (of 3)

man script

The Scripts That Work — 6-10

Welcome to the last installment of The Art of Marketing and Business Development series. Last week, we discussed the first five business development scripts that are working today:

  1. Reference from an Internal Champion
  2. C-level Approach
  3. Vertical Market Approach — “Insight”
  4. MPC/”A” Player Approach
  5. Combination Approach

This article continues with highlighting the additional five marketing scripts, 6-1 0. Keep in mind: different selling situations will call for different scripts. As a recruiter, it is important to have as many options (clubs) in your recruiting bag as possible. Master them all, so you will be prepared for any selling situation and have the ability to pull them out when that shot is needed. Don’t forget, the goal is to achieve a large quantity of job orders coming in so you have the ability to continually ‘top grade’ the work you have on your desk. Until you get a large number of “A” search assignments (job orders), keep marketing every day. That’s right – every day.

Business Development

The Art of Marketing and Business Development, Part 2 (of 3)

woman phone script

The Scripts That Work — 1-5

Earlier this week, I shared with you three key principles to establishing a strong marketing foundation. Of course, it all starts with obtaining high quality searches.

After that though, you need to know how to have an appropriate conversation with potential new clients, and the best way to do this is by having a pre-written script to help you. Today, I bring you the first 5 of the top 10 marketing approaches that rock the recruiting world today.