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Old Technology Is Costing You Real Money In Lost Productivity


There’s a word in the recruiting and staffing industry that nobody likes. No one wants to think about it, no one likes to talk about it, and no one really knows a good way to deal with it: downtime.

Agency downtime is one of the biggest money-wasters in an organization; it’s those few seconds or minutes lost between tasks — the time it takes your computer to boot when the system crashes, and the time spent running the same candidate search week after week. It might not sound like much, but seconds turn into minutes, which turn into hours that can quickly add up, especially across larger organizations where it’s a pervasive problem instead of being limited to just one area or division of the company.

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Does LinkedIn’s Bullhorn Integration Mean Staffing Is In Its Sights?

Bullhorn LI integration

bullhorn_logo_0If you needed more evidence of LinkedIn’s influence (or should that be dominance?) in sourcing professionals, Bullhorn has it. The vendor, the largest technology provider to staffing and search LinkedIn_logoagencies, this morning unveiled its new integration with  the business networking service.

Now, subscribers to Bullhorn’s Corporate and Enterprise ATS/CRM will be able to access LinkedIn directly. Without leaving their Bullhorn dashboards, recruiters will be able to search LinkedIn, review profiles and see which potential candidates are already in their agency database. In time, the integration will permit InMail and bulk linking.

As integrations go, this one is fairly basic. Blame LinkedIn’s protectionism for that. The company has rigidly enforced its terms of service, which, among other no-nos prohibits bulk downloading of candidate profiles for local storage. (Individual profiles can be downloaded as PDFs.)

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Time for Recruiting to ‘Go Local’


Over the last few years, there has been a push to “buy local.” Buying local allows for each community to have a stake in the financial well being of its infrastructure. This trend is a 180-degree turn from the “global” society we have become. We are realizing that we have to go back to a local mentality in order to build a stronger economy.

Buying local cuts down on energy costs, helps small businesses survive against the bigger conglomerates, and gives the consumer a stake in improving his or her own community. Otherwise explained, we are going “old school” by buying groceries the same way our grandparents did. I foresee companies taking a similar trend in their approach to recruiting and hiring talent.

Over the last few years, I’ve seen companies go on quests to use “big data” to automate hiring as much as possible in order to make the process a cost effective and simple transaction.  The hope is that if you use technology and other tools in the selection process, then hiring should be as easy as pushing a button. Take as much of the human interaction out of the equation as possible, and you should have a straightforward transaction sans differences of opinions that should result in a perfect hire.

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Bullhorn’s S Release: Super Fast, Super Simple, Plenty Powerful

S Release metrics window

S Release metrics windowA year and some months after acquiring the popular MaxHire and Sendouts, Bullhorn is releasing its overhauled ATS, incorporating some of their best features while fixing one of the biggest complaints with its own SaaS system. Bullhorn now runs on MACs, as well as on PCs and mobile devices.

The new S Release announced today is not an integration of its late 2012 acquisitions of the two software providers. Their systems will continue to be offered and supported. But Andrew Hally, Bullhorn’s VP of  of product and marketing, expects that when MaxHire and Sendouts users see what S Release can do, they’ll switch.

The two most significant changes — besides fixing the Mac compatibility problem of prior Bullhorn ATS versions — are speed of performance and ease of use. The system is now so fast that the announcement of its release says it is three times faster than any prior version.

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Free ATS Seeks “Emotional Engagement” Among Users

SmartRecruiters new

SmartRecruiters new“The ATS has to die,” says the man who built a business and made a name on that earliest technological breakthrough for recruiters, the applicant tracking system.

What’s especially ironic is that it’s on the strength of the market’s acceptance of SmartRecruiters, his free ATS, and his vision for how to evolve it, that Rembrandt Venture Partners and others are giving Jerome Ternynck $10 million.

The B series funding was announced today and follows a $5.5 million A round just a bit more than 18 months earlier.

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Bullhorn Acquires Two Of Its Leading Competitors


At once swooping up its two of its largest competitors, Bullhorn today became one of the largest, if not the largest, technology providers to staffing and independent recruiting firms in the world.

Describing it as “an incredible moment for Bullhorn customers,” company CEO Art Papas announced the acquisition of both MaxHire and Sendouts.

“We’re acquiring two extremely talented teams, both of whom have succeeded in delighting their large customer bases with a combination of product innovation and excellent service,” Papas said in a news release. “These acquisitions dramatically increase our ability to execute on our vision of helping recruiters be more successful, develop new products, and serve our exponentially expanding user base.”

Details of the sale weren’t disclosed, however both MaxHire and Sendouts will operate under the Bullhorn brand. MaxHire’s CEO Peter Blitz, who founded the company in 1995, will become Bullhorn’s product innovation officer. Sendouts’ CEO Brian Hopcroft will become general manager.


Get A Free ATS From the Company That ‘Aims To Do It All’

GetHired logo

The site that “aims to do a bit of everything” is doing a bit more this morning.  And it’s an interesting something more that takes its cue from direct hire recruiting.

Launching this morning, and only in metro New York, is GetHired‘s Job Seeker Spotlight. Five lucky, handpicked job seekers will get profiled in an email being sent to recruiters and hiring managers for their review. If they like what they see, they can reach out to the candidates and invite them to become applicants.


Recruiting Software Poised for Innovation in 2012


The increasingly diverse needs of organizations big and small demand a myriad of options in recruiting software solutions. Recent activity—including Salesforce’s acquisition of Rypple—is pumping new energy into this niche market. In the last month, VC funds have been flowing into the human resources software market, with large investments in SmartRecruiters and iCIMS. I’ve taken an in-depth look at how this dynamic software market will be impacted, how vendors will be poised for greater success, as well as how all of this may affect users.

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The Sourcing Bull’s-Eye — Are You Using Your Resources or Wasting Money?


Whether or not you want to admit it, we all use some paid resources for our recruiting efforts. This could include any of the following products: job boards, resume databases, information gathering resources (like Jigsaw or ZoomInfo), ATSs, the list goes on and on. Yes – I am talking to you! I know you post jobs on Monster, CareerBuilder, or at least some niche sites from time to time. I know you have purchased an applicant tracking system (that most likely is simply used as a repository for resumes with very little, if any, data organization). If we are spending money on these resources, why, then, do we so adamantly preach and train against using them when conducting candidate searches? If we’re paying for them, then why not justify the cost of using them by actually using them? And if we are not using them, then why continue to pay for them???

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Bullhorn Reach Predicts Job Hunting Activity


A new — and for now, free — toolset from Bullhorn is getting good marks from users who have been testing it for a few months, but what’s most impressive is that it can give recruiters an early heads-up about their connections who may be preparing to “go active.”

KC Carpenter, a healthcare recruiter and co-founder of K.A. Recruiting in Boston, says the still-in-beta Bullhorn Reach is “great. It’s a huge, huge time saver for us … What would take 10 times as long, we can do with one click.”

If automating postings to social networks and optimizing them for search engines was all the service did, “it would definitely be a site I would pay for,” he says. But Radar, the tool that tips you to the likelihood one of your connections may be starting an active job hunt, is something Carpenter sees a “great for business development.”