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Get Ready to Rock the Boat With Me

Rob McIntosh

Dear Colleagues,

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Rob McIntosh, and I am the new Chief Analyst with ERE Media (which includes ERE, SourceCon, TLNT, and The Fordyce Letter).

I have been a sourcing and recruiting leader for more than 18 years (covering 30+ countries), most recently as head of talent acquisition with McKesson.

Some of you might be scratching your head wondering, “Why would a guy trade corporate life with the likes of McKesson, Avanade, Deloitte, and Microsoft to join ERE Media as its Chief Analyst?” Quite simply, I wanted


Happy New Year!

happy New Year

happy New Year


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Happy Holidays


Happy Thanksgiving


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Happy Thanksgiving


8 Tips For Working With a Headhunter

recruiter illustration

Eight ways to strike gold through a recruiter:

1. Do a little research – most highly successful, 3rd party recruiters specialize in an industry niche or a particular set of roles that they fill. Some, go further, and only work in a specific geography. Before making any contact determine if you are a good fit or not.

2. Present a resume along with yourself – Like you, we’re all busy.  If you’re a serious candidate hoping to find attractive interviews, let the executive recruiter know by expressing an interest in seeking a new/alternative employment opportunity and attach your updated resume.


How to Say No When They Ask “Got a Minute”


Got a minute?

The fact is, unless you are a great rarity today, you not only don’t have a minute, you have a yawning deficit of minutes. There is work unfinished on your desk. You have personal aspirations of all kinds that you never find time for and obligations you barely find time for. You’re already stretched for time, so no, you don’t have a minute.

Yet when almost anybody asks, “Got a minute?” you automatically answer, “Sure, how can I help?”

How do you stop doing that?


Big Seasonal Hiring, Growing Headcount Will Make Recruiting Tougher Yet

Hiring plan chart 2014

Hiring plan chart 2014In what could be the strongest finish since before the recession, an increasing number of employers say they intend to hire full-time permanent workers this quarter.

CareerBuilder’s quarterly survey of employers found 29 percent of them expect to add permanent headcount before the end of 2014, an increase of four percentage points over those saying that last year.

While hiring expectations don’t necessarily translate into action, so far this year more employers have ended up hiring more than what they told CareerBuilder they planned.


Temp Hiring Helps U.S. Add 248K New Jobs In September

Temp workers Sept 2014

Temp agencies continue to play a key role in creating new jobs, contributing 19,400 to September’s surprisingly strong 248,000.

This morning’s jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed hiring was strong across a number of sectors in September, which helped push down the unemployment rate to a six-year-low of 5.9%.  The report also adjusted upward the Bureau’s counts of hiring in August and July, increasing both by a combined 69,000 jobs. August’s initial anemic 142,000 estimate, which surprised analysts and prompted worrying about a hiring pause, was upped to 180,000.


Learn to Be Charismatic and Sales Will Follow

2 minute recruiting

Recruiters who possess a high degree of self-confidence and charisma tend to dominate their market and out perform their competitors. They negotiate higher fees, gain access to elite clients, and land highly sought after retainers. Much of their marketing is done for them; new clients seek them out because their reputation precedes them.

Charisma gets people to like you, trust you, and want to be led by you. It can determine whether you’re seen as a follower or leader, whether your ideas get adopted, and how effectively your projects are implemented. It makes people want to help you achieve your goals.

But what if you don’t consider yourself naturally charismatic? What if it seems like a magical quality that only a lucky few are born with? I recently created a seminar called “The Charismatic Recruiterbecause, the truth is, most of us (myself included) don’t feel that we possess this innate charm that draws people to us naturally.


Advice From A Pro: What Every Hiring Manager Should Be Told

Hiring concept-free-SOMMAI

The time that good candidates are on the market is shorter than it’s ever been.

The number of good candidates that are on the market is fewer than it’s been in 10 years.

The money you paid two years ago or even one year ago won’t get the kind of candidate you really want.

Candidates are not as prone to fill out online applications as they used to be.

Candidates won’t talk to your 22-year-old corporate recruiter whose job it is to screen them.