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Join Today’s Moment of Remembrance at 3 p.m.


memorialday-2015The Fordyce Letter joins Americans everywhere in honoring the nation’s war dead.

While Memorial Day has become for so many of us an occasion for a three-day getaway or time to fire up the barbecue and picnic with friends, we should not forget the 1.8 million who have fallen winning for us the rights and freedoms and opportunities we enjoy today.

To emphasize the meaning of the day, in 2000 President Bill Clinton declared 3 p.m. on Memorial Day to be a National Moment of Remembrance. Americans will pause then for one minute “to remember and reflect on the sacrifices made by so many to provide freedom for all.”


5 Options for Finding & Hiring a Researcher

2 minute recruiting new

One of the biggest turning points in my business came when I realized I couldn’t and shouldn’t do it all myself.

Hiring researchers has made a massive difference in both my productivity and revenue. It also made a huge difference in terms of how much I’ve been able to enjoy my work, as I was able to offload the tedious or annoying tasks that would eat up my time. This has allowed me to zero in on the highly leveraged activities that produce big results.

If you’re interested in hiring a researcher but don’t know where to start, the five ideas below will provide you with some options. 


If Your Site Isn’t Mobile Friendly, You Could Lose Big On Tuesday

Google mobile rankings

Sometime on April 21 your website, the one you worked so hard to get on Google’s first search page, may disappear down the rabbit hole, banished to page 2, 3 or worse.

Next Tuesday is when Google implements a new ranking system that rewards sites that are mobile-friendly by elevating them in its search results. The flip side of that is the bad news for any website that isn’t mobile-enabled — it will fall in the rankings.

Exactly how bad will it be? Until Google’s new ranking algorithm is switched on, we won’t know for sure, but the search engine experts are calling it “Mobilegeddon” and “Mobilepocalypse.”


If ‘Time Kills Deals,’ Why Does It Take So Long to Hire?


Time for action - freeTime always seems to get away from us in our personal lives.

Unfortunately, when that crosses over into our business lives, it can affect a company’s ability to land top sales talent.

Every salesperson has one simple phrase that has been imbedded in their psyche, usually as a result of sales leaders who were taught the same phrase when they started in sales: “Time kills deals.”

It makes perfect sense that the longer the sale is drawn out, the less chance it has to actually close. The issue with this concept is that the same sales leaders who drill that phrase into their salespeople’s minds rarely practice what they preach when it comes to adding sales talent to the team.


Employers Relying More On Agencies to Fill Their Toughest Jobs

recruiter illustration

Wanted agency hiring demandTo fill their toughest healthcare and tech jobs, the nation’s employers are increasingly turning to staffing firms for help.

Research firm WANTED Technologies says employers are most likely to hire a search firm to find registered nurses, application software developers, and web developers. Based on Wanted’s analysis of online job postings, demand for RNs increased by 25% in a year. For web developers, demand rose 42% and for software developers it increased a whopping 73%.


What’s the State of Recruiting Today? Take the Survey and Help Us Find Out

Survey icon - Stuart Miles - free

Last year we discovered recruiters prefer talent acquisition to most any other name. We learned that recruiting quality prospects was harder in 2014, even if some of the corporate recruiters we surveyed thought otherwise.

And looking back on the results of last year’s State of Recruiting Survey, it seems some recruiters were whistling past the graveyard when it came to predicting the difficulty in recruiting this year.

Now we’re conducting this year’s recruiting survey, and we want you to take part. In addition to corporate recruiting, we’re collecting information specific to the search and staffing sectors. Among the questions we ask are some the specific challenges presented by your clients. Your opinion of hiring managers is among them.

We also ask about your use of metrics, analytics and KPIs to measure productivity and performance. One especially useful question deals with the most effective way of reaching candidates, i.e. phone, texting, email, etc.

The more responses we get from agency recruiters, the more useful the results. So please, spend the 6 or 7 minutes it will take and complete the survey. And add your comments to fill in any blanks. Those who participate will get early copies of the results.

Image: Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


LinkedIn Does It Again

Job board Q4 2014 financials

Job board Q4 2014 financialsLinkedIn reported another winning quarter this afternoon, bringing in $643 million in the last three months of 2014, with recruiting sales accounting for 57.4% of the total.

Both the revenue, and the company’s adjusted earnings per share of 61 cents,  handily beat Wall Street’s expectations. Analysts were predicting LinkedIn would earn 53 cents on sales of $617 million.

Last week,  Dice Holdings, parent company of several niche job boards including the tech site Dice.com, reported besting 2013′s numbers, earning 12 cents per share for the 4th quarter on revenue of revenue of $67.8 million. It was a 16% improvement on revenue and a swing to profitability compared to last year’s 11 cent a share loss. Still, the company missed analyst expectations on both counts.


ERE Media Announces New Company Execs

Hinda Chalew

ERE Media, Inc., a leading source of information on talent acquisition and talent management and parent company of The Fordyce Letter, expanded its executive management team, hiring veteran talent acquisition leader Rob McIntosh and marketing expert Hinda Chalew.


Get Ready to Rock the Boat With Me

Rob McIntosh

Dear Colleagues,

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Rob McIntosh, and I am the new Chief Analyst with ERE Media (which includes ERE.net, SourceCon, TLNT, and The Fordyce Letter).

I have been a sourcing and recruiting leader for more than 18 years (covering 30+ countries), most recently as head of talent acquisition with McKesson.

Some of you might be scratching your head wondering, “Why would a guy trade corporate life with the likes of McKesson, Avanade, Deloitte, and Microsoft to join ERE Media as its Chief Analyst?” Quite simply, I wanted


Happy New Year!

happy New Year

happy New Year