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Is It Time to Ditch the Phone Interview?

Video interviewing

In the 1870s, we were first able to transmit speech electronically, thanks to Alexander Graham Bell and Elisha Gray. Before then, we relied on hand-delivered messages and in-person communication, much like companies do in the hiring process with in-person interviews.

Today, the phone is the most convenient way to reach someone from virtually anywhere, with more than 67% of mobile subscribers in the U.S. owning smartphones.

Your phone is probably sitting within reach right now. The phone has become so commonplace, especially since going mobile, that it’s rare to find someone without a phone nearby most of the time.

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Old Technology Is Costing You Real Money In Lost Productivity


There’s a word in the recruiting and staffing industry that nobody likes. No one wants to think about it, no one likes to talk about it, and no one really knows a good way to deal with it: downtime.

Agency downtime is one of the biggest money-wasters in an organization; it’s those few seconds or minutes lost between tasks — the time it takes your computer to boot when the system crashes, and the time spent running the same candidate search week after week. It might not sound like much, but seconds turn into minutes, which turn into hours that can quickly add up, especially across larger organizations where it’s a pervasive problem instead of being limited to just one area or division of the company.

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A Mobile App Sampler For Recruting On the Go

InstaJob app

InstaJob appAs someone who is obsessed with mobile and how it can help recruiters and sourcers find and connect with more candidates, I ask you, why aren’t there more apps for recruiters?

If you search the app stores, you’ll find hundreds of them for finding jobs, but very few for finding candidates. I recently embarked on a search of iTunes to look for apps specifically created for recruiters. I excluded things like time and attendance apps of which there seems to be plenty, and concentrated on ones related to sourcing and candidate identification.


Online Courses Can Help Your Tech Candidates Fill In the Gaps

PC Training - Freedigital

PC Training - FreedigitalThere are plenty of good tech jobs being advertised everyday. The problem is, the glut of unemployed, college-educated professionals available to fill them aren’t qualified.

American companies will post positions for jobs like developing mobile apps and video games –- good, high-paying jobs with benefits -– but there just aren’t enough qualified computer programmers out there so, after a few weeks, they send these jobs overseas.

Computer programming jobs are expected to grow by 12% by 2020, while software developer jobs are forecast to grow by 30%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In 2010, the median salary for software developers was more than $90,500.

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LinkedIn Adds A Recommendation Feature

Previous look
New LinkedIn Recruiter

New LinkedIn Recruiter

Sporting a new look and with some new features — including a recommendation engine that ‘learns’ the kind of people a recruiter most want — LinkedIn Recruiter is getting an official relaunch this morning.

The redesign itself is an updating the classic LinkedIn Recruiter look to make it more consistent with the LinkedIn homepage redesign that was introduced last fall.

Parker Barril, Linkedin’s Talent Solutions head of product, unveiled the fresh, new LinkedIn Recruiter at a live and webcast user event — ConnectIn – in San Francisco. As he put it, “the consumerization of the enterprise,” the trend toward making products and services easier to use, “is influencing a new generation of products.”

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Your Clients Are Video Interviewing and So Should You

Video interviewing

Video interviewingWith the popularity of video interviewing soaring on the corporate side, now is the time for agency and independent recruiters to give it a try.

The advantages of using video to meet and vet your top candidates are obvious: convenience, no travel required, and speed. Less obvious is the opportunity to see how well your candidate performs in front of a webcam, something that will never show up in phone screen. That’s no small detail considering fully 80% of the largest employers in the U.S. — those with 10,000 workers — use live video interviews at least sometimes.

Why? Cost is the number one reason companies use video interviews, according to a GreenJobInterview survey. Of the corporate leaders surveyed, most of them in HR, cost was cited by 88% of them. Second, cited by 56%, was improved time to hire.

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If You Aren’t Becoming Mobile, You’re Going to be Left Behind

Mobile recuriting report chart

Mobile recuriting report chartIt shouldn’t be news now that smartphone use is big (and is getting bigger). In late 2012, estimates pegged the number at over a billion smartphones with that number doubling by 2015.

If you’re a smartphone user, you’ve probably increased your reliance on the device steadily. I now expect my device to do everything but poach my morning eggs.

When you send a candidate or someone in your talent community or on your mailing list a notice of a new job, what are they going to see when they click through on their mobile device? Will they be able to do anything with it? And if you’re not there, how do you start and what does an optimal solution look like?


Get A Free ATS From the Company That ‘Aims To Do It All’

GetHired logo

The site that “aims to do a bit of everything” is doing a bit more this morning.  And it’s an interesting something more that takes its cue from direct hire recruiting.

Launching this morning, and only in metro New York, is GetHired‘s Job Seeker Spotlight. Five lucky, handpicked job seekers will get profiled in an email being sent to recruiters and hiring managers for their review. If they like what they see, they can reach out to the candidates and invite them to become applicants.

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Recruiting Software Company Bullhorn Acquired

Bullhorn logo

Bullhorn, the software company that powers much of the staffing and SMB recruiting market, has been acquired by Vista Equity Partners for a reported nine-figure sum. The Boston-based tech firm announced the deal this morning.

The financial terms were not made public, however sources, including TechCrunch, said the sales price was in the “low nine-figures.” That would be a near tripling of the company’s valuation since 2008 when it got a $26 million VC fund  investment.

“It’s a big day here,” CEO and founder Art Papas said. “The employees are really pumped up.” Two reasons for the excitement, Papas said. Because of stock options, many employees will see a financial windfall, but as important, he added, is that Bullhorn will remain independent and growing.

“I work with some incredible people. And with this acquisition, no one is leaving. Just the contrary, we’ll be growing.”


Free Apps To Help You Work More Efficiently and Save Time

Tools computer

If you’ve ever wished for an extra hour in the day or, in a moment of utter frustration, though, “There has to be a better way,” then good news. For some things recruiting, there are.

In this collection of apps, and services, and tools you’ll find enough useful ‘stuff’ to get you some, if not an entire, 60 minutes to use making those cold calls you never seem to get to. Or updating your client presentations. Or freshening your Facebook page.

However you decide to use those extra minutes, you’ll find these tools will simplify your life and help you manage your professional contacts more efficiently. And the best part is that every one of these is free. Right. No charge, no hidden fees, no surprises.