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Facebook Sets Minimum Pay, Benefits For Staffing Firms

Silicon Valley pay disparity chart

Facebook logoOne of Silicon Valley’s giants said today it will require its staffing vendors to pay their workers at least $15 an hour and give them paid sick leave and vacation.

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg announced the new policy in a blog post today.

“We are implementing a new set of standards on benefits for contractors and vendors who support Facebook in the US and do a substantial amount of work with us. These benefits include a $15 minimum wage, minimum 15


Grow Your Revenue With Contract Staffing

Temp workers March 2015

As you look at your revenues so far this year, are you satisfied? If you are looking for more growth, the answer may lie within your contract staffing services — or lack thereof.

Contract staffing in the United States continues to grow at a rapid pace. The temporary help services category continues to grow, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. You can tap into this trend by either adding contract staffing or expanding your current contract staffing services.

Adding contracting to your service offerings is a great way to create another revenue stream and provide an alternative staffing option to your clients. With the help of a full-service contract staffing back-office, you can add contracting with no ramp-up time or financial investment.


How a Veteran Recruiter Generates Contract Placements

Linda Blakemore
Linda Blakemore

Linda Blakemore

Recruiting is a profession built around relationships, and contract staffing is no exception. The key to generating quality contract staffing leads is enhancing existing relationships with clients and creating new ones.

Linda Blakemore, president and owner of the Atlantic Pacific Group in Laguna Beach, Calif., is an expert at building client relationships, which has allowed her to establish a successful contract staffing business in addition to her direct hire placements. During last year’s Top Echelon Network National Convention, she shared her technique for generating contract staffing job orders.

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Revised Temp Hiring Forecast At 8.6%

Palmer forecast Q1 2015 revised

Palmer forecast Q1 2015 revisedStaffing industry consultant G.Palmer & Associates has scaled back its growth forecast for temp employment. From an initial 10.5% growth for the first quarter of the year, the firm now predicts temp employment will increase by a still ambitious 8.6%.

The firm said the revision reflects recomputed numbers by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which resulted in a lowering of the previously reported temp job counts.


6 Issues That WIll Impact Staffing in 2015

Workers cheering - freedigital

Contract staffing had quite a year. The “temporary help services sector” added jobs and broke records month after month in 2014. This growth continues even now that direct hiring has finally bounced back from the recession.

So what does 2015 hold for contract staffing? Happily, we are expecting even more growth. Here are the anticipated contract staffing trends for 2015:

1. Continued adoption of blended workforce models 

One of the biggest trends we have observed is the transition from a traditional, direct hire workforce to a blended workforce model that incorporates both direct hires and contractors.

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Forecast: Staffing Jobs to Grow By 135k This Quarter

Palmer 2015

Palmer 2015Industry consultant G.Palmer & Associates has a bold, and aggressive  forecast for the staffing industry: temp help in this first quarter will surge by 10.5%.

“Our forecast for the 2015 first quarter follows recent trends demonstrating growth and indicating another increase in demand for temporary workers, marking the 20th consecutive quarter of year-over-year increases,” said Greg Palmer, founder and managing director of of the staffing industry consultancy.

The predicted year-over-year growth is a big percentage, even for as fast a growing jobs sector as staffing. But it’s not the first big forecast the Newport Beach, Calif. firm has made. In 2010 Palmer predicted demand for temp workers would increase 20.9% in the last quarter of the year. The prediction was off, but only some. Temp growth that quarter grew 19.2%.


Are You Ready to Become A Staffing Firm of Choice?

Candidate selection-free

Contract staffing is on a roll and does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

In December, it hit an all-time high with almost 3 million jobs. Some experts predict that 40-50% of the workforce will be contract by 2020. This is great news for recruiters who offer contract staffing, but there is a caveat — competition for top contract talent is getting fiercer. Candidates will be looking closely at how recruiting firms can help them meet both their career and personal goals. How can you establish your firm as the firm of choice for top contract candidates?

Traits of Top Contract Candidates

First, let’s see what makes up a top contract candidate. Of course, you are going to look for many of the same things you would look for in a direct hire. Do they have the required skills set and experience? Do they have a good track record of getting results? But beyond these factors, there are a number of traits that often correlate to great contract candidates:

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Are You Leaving Money On the Table When Your Temp Goes Perm?

Sales shopping global - free

Sales shopping global - freeHaving trained or consulted with hundreds of temporary staffing services and contract staffing firms around this country, I am continually amazed by the variety of approaches utilized to handle the transfer of an employee from the staffing services payroll to the payroll of the client’s organization. The term most commonly used to describe this process is “Temp-to-Hire”.

My purpose here is not to discuss whether or not you should charge your client a conversion fee for the temp-to-hire process. Rather it is to provide you with a conceptual foundation on which to make that determination. Consider the following two realities.

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Are You Ready For the Affordable Care Act?

ACA illustration

ACA illustrationIn less than two months, businesses with 100 or more workers will be required to provide some sort of healthcare coverage for their employees.

This includes staffing companies who are employers of record. And it has potential consequences for those who use back office providers who serve as the W2 employer of record.

The rules of the Affordable Care Act can be complicated. For instance, the health plan must provide “minimum value” and it must be “affordable.” Even the rules for determining how many employees you have is not nearly as simple as counting up the number of paychecks you issue. The formula includes your FTEs, which are calculated by adding regular hours, holiday hours, paid time off, and overtime and dividing by 120.


The Cream of the Crop Is Choosing to Work Contract

Randstad contract manager graphic

Randstad contract manager graphicThere is a common misconception that contract workers are lower-level or not the “cream of the crop.” This misconception stems from the picture many people have in their minds of the clerical or blue collar temps of the past who mostly took temporary work when they couldn’t find a traditional job.

But today’s contractors can be found in nearly every industry and in positions up to and including the C-suite. Companies can truly find cream of the crop contract candidates, particularly in the technical, professional, and healthcare arenas. For many candidates, contract staffing is no longer a last resort or simply a path to direct employment, it is a chosen lifestyle.