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Avoid Deal Killing Conflicts of Interest When Recruiting Attorneys


LawyerZoneDid you know that the number of law firms seeking lateral partners with an existing book of business or merger partners that help expand their footprint will be even greater in 2014 than in 2013? Did you know that the recruiting process for laterals and merger partners for most law firms is broken? Do you know how much the adage “haste makes waste” applies to the recruiting process for law firms? Do you know how time critical the recruiting process for law firms is?

If your firm has been hired by law firms in the past, you may find it increasingly difficult to be hired in the future if you do not have effective strategies to answer many of these questions.

A law firm may be motivated by many reasons to hire a search firm that specializes in identifying “laterals” — lawyers with a portable book of business — that are interested in joining a new firm or finding a merger partner. The law firm may want

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5 Ways to Overcome the ‘Perfect Candidate’ Syndrome


org chart for sourcingDoes it seem like your clients are dragging their feet when it comes to hiring? It’s not your imagination. According to The New York Times, it is taking companies an average of 23 business days to fill vacancies compared with just 15 days in 2009, and the duration of the interview process at major companies like Starbucks, General Mills, and Southwest Airlines has nearly doubled since 2010.

Many employers blame it on a lack of skilled labor. While that may be true in some sectors, it appears that the real problem is that many companies don’t really want to hire in this uncertain economy, so if they have to hire, they will only settle for the “perfect candidate.”

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Sourcing and Recruiting in Asia? Try These Resources

Editor’s Note: Originally developed and posted the sourcing audience on our sister SourceCon.com, it contains so much useful information for search companies who recruit in Asia-Pacific that we wanted to share it with the Fodyce audience.

Do you recruit and source in Asia? If so, you’re in luck. The Social Talent team has created a video which explains the top resources to help you find the right candidates in Asia.

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When Enough is Enough, Danny Says Use “Disruptive Honesty”

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Dear Danny,

A client is not keeping its commitment to the process (not getting back quickly after the final on site round of interviews, committing to provide an offer within two days of these interviews, foot dragging, making repeated commitments and then breaking them).

I push, and explain it sends a bad signal to the candidate and is not what they agreed to. As part of this, I’m also concerned that the client makes me look bad to our candidate and, that if they’re marketable elsewhere, they will be hesitant to work with us as a result of being jerked around by the first client we put them in to.

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Get Started Branding Yourself and Your Firm On LinkedIn

Skywater page on linkedIn

Skywater page on linkedInBuilding your social media presence as a recruiter is essential for attracting the best clients and candidates and ensuring your long-term success. Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter — with so many choices it can be difficult to know where to start. Our recommendation is LinkedIn, the recruiter’s favorite.

Here are our top four tips to help recruiters new to the branding side of LinkedIn to get started:

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The 3 Elements Of A Proactive Daily Plan

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When I first started in the business back in 1994, I was fortunate to hear Peter Leffkowitz speak at a recruiting seminar in Los Angeles. One of the sections of his training that particularly stood out to me was his approach to time management and planning. He described the two main ways that recruiters tend to work a desk:

Reactively working a desk: This is the method that 80% of recruiters use to work a desk. This method can best be described as S-T-R-E-S-S. This is the land of soaring peaks followed by deep, dark valleys. It entails little planning, sporadic execution and lots of reacting.

Reacting to incoming email, incoming calls, interruptions, client demands etc. It involves chasing deals, working from adrenaline and a production-oriented focus. Essentially it’s a neurotic way to work a desk and often leads to burnout.

Proactively working a desk: This is the method that 20% of recruiters use to work a desk. There is a subtle but powerful difference in focus. Instead of simply focusing on production, proactive recruiters concentrate on building the activity that generates production. This involves planning and then executing from a proactive stance.

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Here’s How to Screen Prospective Leaders for Risky Behaviors

leaders org chart - free

leaders org chart - freeThe numbers of fallen leaders in sports, business, entertainment, and politics grows each day. Why do so many influential leaders engage in risky behavior that sends them plummeting from positions of power?

Consider the cases of NYC mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner, Yankees star Alex Rodriguez, and hedge fund manager Steven Cohen. Some candidates barely make it out the gate (Herman Cain) before they become “disqualified.”

As employment professionals, we may ask: “How can we develop a more failsafe way to weed out leaders who may have risky, impulsive, addictive, and possibly immoral lifestyles? Do we have a role in directing them toward the help they need?”

Here are three guidelines that will help:


Looking For a Sourcer? Consider a Skiptracer

library research - free

library research - freeHiring a good sourcer is difficult. Identifying potential new sourcers who do not have experience in recruiting, but have the skills to do the job, is even more difficult. If you’re trying to build a team of sourcers, consider targeting these professional backgrounds:

Skiptracers – Skiptracers are experts at finding people. They usually work for debt collectors or bail bonds companies who are trying to track down individuals who owe money. Per Wikipedia, skiptracing,


How Well Can You Evaluate Your Own Hires?

Interviewing - free

Interviewing - freeHow often have you heard owners and managers of staffing firms say:

Why is it that we can be so successful in finding top performers for our clients’ organizations, yet so inept at finding them for our own?

The answer to this question lies not in the finding. Rather, it lies in the ability to evaluate. Fact be known, the majority of staffing firms are well equipped to be effective with the process of finding (recruiting). After all, this is primarily a sales function and most industry specific training focuses on the development of sales skills. Still, as important as this may be, you must develop a completely different set of skills in order to be truly effective at evaluation.


Pose Your Way to Greater Confidence and Bigger Production

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Research by social psychologists at Harvard and Columbia universities has revealed startling facts about how simple shifts in posture can have profound effects on how well you present yourself in client meetings, fee negotiations and marketing presentations.

Research had already shown that the mind can influence the body. For example, it’s common knowledge that if you’re feeling depressed, there’s a high likelihood that your immune system will be depleted. But what researchers Amy Cuddy, Dana Carney and Andy Yap wanted to find out was could the opposite also be true; could the body influence the mind?

They discovered an easy exercise that anyone can do that can change not only others’ perceptions of them, but the way they feel about themselves by spending two minutes “power posing” before a stressful situation. I’ll explain how the “power pose” works in a minute. First I want to explain the experiment itself.