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Webinar: Secrets for Growing Your Business From Neil Lebovits

Neil Lebovits

trinet logoWith an always exciting and fresh perspective on the recruiting industry, well-known industry trainer and recruiting professional Neil Lebovits explores tactics and shares secrets to help you grow your business when he presents the first Fordyce Letter webinar of the year.

Spend one hour on April 22nd and you’ll discover how to calculate and maximize your gross margin dollars, learn the different ways to price contract positions, and what it takes to add temp to your perm business. The webinar is free and sponsored by TriNet.

Business Development

How to Tell When You Need a Sales Specialist Recruiter


salesperson wantedRecruiting successful sales people is one of the biggest challenges facing employers today.

As the economy continues to improve, sales professionals are more in demand than ever. So working with a specialist sales recruiter is one of the most effective ways of competing for the top talent.

But don’t take our word for it. Here are six signs that you may benefit from working with a specialist agency for your next sales vacancy:

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7 Steps To Saying Yes When They Ask “But Can You Deliver?”

Stairway up - freedigital

Stairway up - freedigitalIn the press to take advantage of the slowly improving economy, a growing number of recruiting and staffing firms find themselves over-selling and under-delivering. Consequently, clients are receiving inconsistent results and the quality of service standard for our industry is falling.

In response, prospects as well as clients are increasingly asking, “But can you deliver?”

You must carefully consider your response to this question. Companies are frustrated by sophisticated sales presentations that have little real relevance to the actual delivery of services. With minor modifications, they have already heard most of these presentations from your competitors. Therefore, you must ask yourself, “Can we deliver every time, on time, without exception?”

The answer can be “Yes.”

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To Work With Great Clients, Teach Them To Be Great


Are you frustrated with the way most of your clients treat you? Frustrated with their process? Fees? Terms? Do you ever wonder why we are treated the same poor way over and over?

We often mistakenly think if we speak to enough prospects and fill enough job orders an ideal client that “gets it” will emerge. Sure, that happens once in a while, but not enough to create a predictable, sustainable business full of companies you LOVE working for.

After years of being a frustrated recruiter myself I began to strategically identify what the key elements of a great client look like for me.

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Tips for Overcoming a Fear of Public Speaking


Megaphone-freeRecently, I was asked to be a panelist for a webinar about using the power of publicity to achieve your goals. The participants asked great questions.

The first: “How do you step into the spotlight when you don’t like the spotlight?”

Getting media attention and speaking engagements — the spotlight — goes right to the heart of my book, Celebritize Yourself. By boosting your visibility and your credibility, you set yourself apart from your competition and become a trusted authority in your field.

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Three Steps to Becoming an Industry Expert and Growing Your Business


You may be the best recruiter or trainer in the world, but if nobody knows who you are does it matter? This isn’t an exercise in Zen thinking. It’s a real world concern if you’re not a name in your field and want new clients.

Like it or not, people congregate around popular businesses. If you want to grow your small business, you need to create that popularity. Becoming a recognized industry expert is easy if you follow these steps.

Dig Into Your Industry

What is important in your industry today? If you’ve had your nose to the grindstone

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Help Your Client (and Yourself) Attract Candidates With Brand Ambassadors


marketingAs an external recruiter, you probably do a lot to communicate the needs of your client to potential job seekers. However, are you missing a key element that could take your recruitment strategy to the next level? No, it’s not some new fangled software or an expensive campaign. It’s branding and it can do you, and your client, some real good.

Studies show most companies are in the early stages of developing an employer brand strategy that builds competitive advantage, with only 16% of organizations having a clearly defined strategy. In addition, while 31% have a strategy, they admit it can be developed further.

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Five Pitches That Will Never Get You My Business (And One That Will)

Rejected stamp - free

Rejected stamp - freeAs a vice president running a growing manufacturing company, it’s not uncommon to have two or three staffing agencies stop by my office on a daily basis and perhaps one or two annoy the heck out of me by trying to slip in the back door with a cold call or lame generic email. I think our current record in one day is somewhere between six and eight.

Fortunately, I have a wonderfully patient receptionist to smile and take their information, occasionally blocking and tackling for me when I walk through the lobby and one of them is trying to throw cookies, brownies, or, worse, one of their company notepads at me.

After 22+ years in manufacturing, working with dozens of staffing agencies and hiring thousands of temps, I’ve outgrown the cookies wrapped up in a cute smile approach.

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The Future (And Yours) Is In STEM

Ask Barb

Dear Barb:

I’ve been placing office support for over 20 years. My margins and fees are lower than they were five years ago and I’ve seen my niche reduce over the past five years. Law firms used to have one legal secretary for every two attorneys, and now they support five or six attorneys. I feel like I should open a new niche, but all my contacts, database and expertise is in office support. Can you suggest a niche that will grow over the next 10 years?

Marsha W.

New York, NY

Barb Responds

Dear Marsha:

I spoke at an employment conference that was attended by some of the top Fortune 500 companies from across the globe. Job growth was obviously a hot topic and most experts and economists were in agreement that 75% of job growth by the year 2015

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Data: 9 Out Of 10 Jobs Get Filled By Niche Recruiters

Sean Bisceglia_Headshot small
Sean Bisceglia_Headshot small

Sean Bisceglia

If you receive job orders outside of your specialty should you even bother taking them? How about going after them proactively?

The answer is a resounding “No.” Data that my company, Scout, analyzed from more than 333,000 candidate submissions over a 12 month period shows that 91% of all jobs filled by third party recruiters are filled by specialty recruiters.

Unless you’re in the lucky 9%, you should forget about orders outside your specialization. You’ll spend valuable time learning new industries and jargon, sourcing new talent, and probably presenting candidates that aren’t a great fit, potentially damaging client relationships.