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Ron McNutt

Ron McNutt is an executive coach and recruiter in Charleston, South Carolina. Prior to becoming a certified coach and starting his own company, Ron spent nearly twenty years contributing to the success of public and private companies (from start-up to $100 Billion plus in revenue) in the commodity and healthcare industries. Ron is available to assist with your planning, coaching or recruiting needs. He can be reached at 843-628-3953 or ron@ronmcnutt.com.

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Here’s How To Get Into The Iron-Recruiter Triathlon

runner at start

OK. I confess. I don’t always do what I say I am going to do or follow through on my goals. For that matter, I don’t always write my goals, work from a prioritized task list, or work my plan either, despite the fact that I have proven time and again that these practices lead to and ensure my business success.

I know that’s shocking, because as an executive coach, I preach these things and am supposed to be above reproach. RIGHT? But the truth is that from time to time, I stop doing what has been working so well and fall into self-defeating behaviors like indecision, procrastination, and avoidance.

Why? Honestly, I’m not sure why, except to offer that perhaps it’s due to the cycles of life and business we all go through, or as a friend once put it, a tendency to gravitate back to the familiar. Notice I did not say the comfortable. Indecision, procrastination, and avoidance are not comfortable (and typically, the consequences are quite painful), but they are familiar, at least to this executive coach.

Just like you, I’m great at serving my clients, finding them great candidates or encouraging them to set and achieve their goals while holding them accountable for doing so. But, as I just disclosed, I am not always so great at doing that for myself. That’s why I have a coach (and yes, he has a coach) and that is why coaching works! My coach not only works with me to set and achieve my goals, determine my priorities, and make plans to achieve my objectives, but he holds me accountable for doing what I said I was going to do. And when I’m in a slump and struggling to get started, he provides the encouragement and guidance to get un-slumped.

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525,600 minutes…


The former off-Broadway musical, Rent, opens by posing this question: ”525,600 minutes…how do you measure a year?” As 2010 draws to a close, I have some questions for you. Have you invested your past 525,600 minutes the way you had planned as you watched the ball drop on New Year’s Eve in 2009? One year ago, what were you envisioning for your future? Did you plan to be more healthy and happy…to have better and richer relationships…to have a more successful business and greater financial independence? How’d you do?