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Robert Woo

Robert Woo is the Marketing Manager at InsightSquared. Previously, he was mired in the SEM world both in-house (SmarterTravelMedia, Adverplex) and out (UpWordSEM). A student of viral marketing and comedy (his videos have amassed over 10 million views on YouTube, performer at ImprovBoston), his goal is to mesh these two aspects at every turn in his professional career.

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3 Ways to Research Even a Stealthy Startup

secret stealthy

secret stealthyBy its very nature, a startup has no track record, little or no story to tell, and it may not even yet have a website. This is particularly the case if the startup is in stealth mode, a sort of secret early stage, when the founders make an effort to be as invisible as possible. So how do you research such a company?

Here are three suggestions to get you started:

For Managers

Your Data Tells A Story You Need to Know

Data - Monthly Sales Progress

My company, InsightSquared, provides in-depth business intelligence to well over 100 staffing and recruiting companies. We’ve seen first-hand how a little bit of better data analysis can lead to a lot of big, easy wins. Here are just a few ways you can move the needle with minimal effort.

Work Only on the Right Activities

Doing this data analysis directly impacts your business growth. If you know what activities really move the needle, and more importantly, what activities don’t, all you really need to do is do more of what works and less of what doesn’t. Sounds too simple, right? Exactly the point. The best part is that it works.


How to Wow A Tech Start-Up


Editor’s Note: Clip and copy this article, and give it to your tech candidates. This is a terrific blueprint for how to prep a candidate. Besides reinforcing the need to do their homework, it points out how important fit is, and not only to a start-up, but certainly, especially to one.

If you’re trying to place a candidate, or if you are a candidate yourself, wouldn’t you love to know exactly what the company was thinking so you could tailor your or your candidate’s approach during an interview? Well this post is to tell you specifically what we, and other tech companies, want.

In the last article I wrote (How To Recruit  For Today’s Startup) I gave some inside information on how start-ups approach hiring in general. This time around, let’s get more specific with real-world, actionable insights.


How To Recruit For Today’s Startup


Many of our clients are staffing and recruiting firms, and because of this we have a unique perspective on the industry. So when it comes to our own hiring processes, we try to glean best practices from industry leaders, but we also try things our own way. As we iterate and refine our methods, we thought it might be interesting to share what we’ve learned.