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Rob Mosley

Rob Mosley is a managing partner with Next Level Exchange and is a Licensed facilitator with the Acclivus Corporation. He comes to Next Level from MRINetwork? Corporate in Philadelphia, where he served as the Chief Learning Officer, responsible for all training and sales development of 1,100 offices worldwide. He is a licensed facilitator for Stephen Covey?s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. He holds certifications in Consultative Selling, Performance Coaching, and Advanced Sales Negotiation. For more information on applications of coaching methodology or blended learning in a recruiting environment, you can contact Rob Mosley at rob@nextlevelexchange.com or 214-556-8015.

Articles by Rob Mosley


The ‘Soft Skill’ That Yields Hard Results

listening ears

Listening, one of the four elements of great dialogue (probing, responding, and alignment are the others) is considered a soft skill, which is ironic considering that it is one of the hardest things you will ever do.

If I were to invite you to a two-day listening seminar, most of you would opt for a slow, painful death. However, nothing is gained by probing and qualifying unless we have first learned how to listen effectively. You see, the best sales people aren’t smooth talkers; they are smooth listeners. Think about it. How much can you learn from what you are saying? Not much. But everything the client or candidate says is potentially valuable.


No Time to Coach?

rob mosley

The following article is derived in part from the thinking of Randall Murphy and the Acclivus Corporation and their curriculum entitled Acclivus Coaching for Sales Performance. This program is offered in a partnership with Next Level Exchange.

“As a billing manager, I never seem to have the time to coach my people consistently and they have such a limited attention span that I get the feeling, especially with my veterans, that they aren’t really into learning anyway. How do I find the balance and provide them what they need in a format that is of interest and relevant?”

This question ranks as No. 1 among owners, billing managers, and even trainers, trying to find the balance between their own work load and providing their recruiters with essential skills and knowledge. We are all experiencing work environments that are intensely more competitive and constantly changing with business goals and objectives that continue to escalate. And while there are still seven days in a week and 24 hours in a day, our challenge is to do more with those same seven days and 24 hours then we did just a year ago, especially now that so many managers are back on a desk.

So how do we begin to find the gift of time to coach our people and who is to say they are open to receiving it? It is one of the classic recruiting organizational dilemmas.