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Nancy Parks

Nancy Parks is the founder of HRPartnersplus, a consulting practice specializing in human resource and organizational development services—including instructional design and delivery, e-learning design and delivery, training needs analysis, sales training, performance analysis, employee surveys, and program evaluation. As a top salesperson, she was consistently recognized and rewarded for her ability to exceed sales quota—receiving the prestigious “Account Executive of the Month” award three times in a single year. While at the AT&T National Sales Training School, she developed a performance diagnostic tool for sales managers that received high marks as a method for helping reduce training costs and improve job performance.

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Commit Your Candidate With This 10-Point Checklist

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Does this sound familiar? You are having a great conversation with a “rock star” candidate who has applied for one of your positions. You share the details about the position and your candidate seems genuinely excited. You might even be getting lots of “buying signals.” You assume that you are both in “violent agreement” that this is the perfect position!

So you move your rock star forward — setting up an appointment with the hiring manager. Your candidate sounds excited, and you are looking forward to one more “fill” on your scorecard for the month. Life is good!

But not so fast.

A couple of days later, you find out from the hiring manager that your rock star was a “no-call, no show” for the interview. Or perhaps you got a “courtesy call” or email from your candidate letting you know he or she has accepted a position with your biggest competitor. Ouch! What happened?