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Kate Benson

A founding member of executive consultancy Martens & Heads!, Kate has 15+ years of executive search expertise in retail, fashion, and luxury for global iconic brands like LVMH and Prada to start-ups. Her experience within brands and in executive search gives her a keen understanding of client needs and unsurpassed access to industry talent. She is active in industry associations including: the Fashion Group International, Cosmetic Executive Women, and the Society for Human Resource Management.

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The Art of Negotiation – Prepare for Battle


Since 2008 we have seen businesses fail, jobs lost, inventories cut, marketing budgets slashed, and lots of markdowns. Over the past year however, life has seemingly resumed again. People are starting to buy extravagant items, businesses are getting back on track, and, if you don’t read the news on a daily basis, you’re feeling pretty good about life.

However, a new trend has recently popped up and it’s not a simple matter. Perhaps being in the executive search universe, we are more focused on it, but it cuts across all sectors, functions, and companies. I call it the “Art of the Negotiation.” And it’s not just playing out in the courtroom anymore.