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John Zappe

John has been writing about recruiting and employment for nearly a decade,and has worked in the field for almost twice as long. He traces his connection to the employment industry back to the beginning of the commercial Internet when he managed some of the earliest news oriented websites. These offered job boards, which became highly popular with users. John worked with agencies and large employers on job postings, resume search, and campaigns, before consulting with media companies on audience development and online advertising sales.

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Real World Staffing: A Look Inside the World of Recruiting

Real World Staffing

Real World StaffingWhat’s a day in the life of a staffing professional like? If you’re Jenifer Lambert, it begins at the gym at 6 a.m. with a crossfit workout and ends more than 12 hours later at a dinner meeting. In between, she visits with clients, counsels candidates, reviews opportunities, discusses marketing plans, meets with staff, and more.

We know this because Lambert, vice president sales and marketing for Seattle’s Terra Staffing Group, is the star of Real World Staffing, a half-hour “film documentary” that chronicles Lambert’s workday, interspersing it with her own narration about the work she does and the passion she feels for the job.

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Search Association Has New Prez, New Look, Broader View

Trinette Cunningham NAPS
New NAPS logo

New NAPS logo

The National Association of Personnel Services, better known as NAPS, has a new address, a new look, and an overhauled website.

NAPS is still NAPS, but it’s sleek new logo sports a modern look with a “360″ in a swirl, and the tagline “Your recruiting community.” The updated website is more compact, using dropdown menus making it easier to navigate. More of the content, however, is password protected; membership in NAPS is required to access most of the  content in the new “Community” section.

The addition of the 360 is meant to represent the industry trend toward a broader range of service offerings than just search, with temp staffing by far the most common, though hardly the only, addition to search firms’ business lines.


Don’t Miss Out On Your Marketing Deductions


IRSBefore you file that tax return today take a second look at the deductions for marketing and promotion. Did you take all the deductions you’re entitled to?

Surprisingly, 43% of small business owners are entering zeros on that line of their business return or on their Schedule C. What’s more remarkable is that 27% of owners aren’t even aware that the IRS allows them to write off legitimate marketing expenses.

Not taking those expenses is like volunteering to pay more taxes than you have to, which makes about as much sense as ignoring a job order from a valued client. You wouldn’t do that, so why would you skip something as valuable as writing off what you spent on things like business cards, your website (and the hosting fees), holiday gift cards to clients, advertising, and those slick brochures you had printed.

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Temp Is Big Contributor to March’s 192k Job Growth

Econ Indicators March 2014

Econ Indicators March 2014The staffing industry which has been growing jobs faster than almost any other sector of the economy was again one of the leading contributors to the economy in March, accounting for 28,500 of the 192,000 new jobs in the month.

This morning’s report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics came in shy of the 200,000 jobs that analysts were expecting, but showed that U.S. workers who have been out of the job market for months, are rejoining the labor force. In March, some 500,000 workers resumed looking for work, and all but about 27,000 found jobs. That kept the unemployment rate at 6.7%.

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ADP Report: Private Sector Jobs Up 191k In March

ADP March 2014

ADP March 2014The jobs picture brightened considerably in March, as 191,000 new workers were added to private sector payrolls, according to ADP’s National Employment Report.

The HR services firm, which processes payrolls for some 24 million U.S. workers, reported gains in all broad industry categories with the job growth spread almost evenly among employers ranging from the smallest (under 50 employees up by 38,000) to the largest (over 1,000 up by 53,000).

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Broadbean Buy Moves CareerBuilder Along HR Services Path


broadbean-logo-300x212U.K. based Broadbean, best known for its job post distribution service, has been acquired by CareerBuilder.

“CareerBuilder is excited to expand our portfolio and continue the rapid growth of our global HR SaaS operation,” said Matt Ferguson, CEO of CareerBuilder. “Clients will benefit from broader job distribution and one simple workflow to manage all external and internal sources for candidates.”

Today’s announcement provided no details on how CareerBuilder will integrate Broadbean’s products with its own growing offerings. However, the company has been making strategic acquisitions; 18 months ago it bought the labor economics analytics firm Economic Modeling Specialists, Inc. and now markets EMSI business intelligence to recruiters and for workforce planning.

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Demand Eases, But Still Strong For Healthcare IT

IT healthcare hiring deman - wanted

IT healthcare hiring deman - wantedThere’s a little less competition for IT professionals in the healthcare sector this month. Based on a count of the online job postings for tech workers by healthcare providers and health insurers, February saw a 10.5% decline over February last year. Wanted Analytics says the downward trend began in the fall, after jobs peaked in October.

“Healthcare companies saw 7% fewer jobs this year than last, and medical insurance companies declined 14%,” says Wanted. “Overall, IT jobs represent about 3.4% of all hiring demand by healthcare related companies.”

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Bullhorn’s S Release: Super Fast, Super Simple, Plenty Powerful

S Release metrics window

S Release metrics windowA year and some months after acquiring the popular MaxHire and Sendouts, Bullhorn is releasing its overhauled ATS, incorporating some of their best features while fixing one of the biggest complaints with its own SaaS system. Bullhorn now runs on MACs, as well as on PCs and mobile devices.

The new S Release announced today is not an integration of its late 2012 acquisitions of the two software providers. Their systems will continue to be offered and supported. But Andrew Hally, Bullhorn’s VP of  of product and marketing, expects that when MaxHire and Sendouts users see what S Release can do, they’ll switch.

The two most significant changes — besides fixing the Mac compatibility problem of prior Bullhorn ATS versions — are speed of performance and ease of use. The system is now so fast that the announcement of its release says it is three times faster than any prior version.


The Office Temps You Tell to “Break a Leg”

Addison temp Andy Planck portrays Trevor Graydon, performing  in Thoroughly Modern Millie.
Addison temp Andy Planck portrays Trevor Graydon, performing  in Thoroughly Modern Millie.

Addison temp Andy Planck portrays Trevor Graydon, performing in Thoroughly Modern Millie.

If you’re looking for office temps you can place in any environment and know they’ll fit in, who won’t quit on you the instant they get offered a full time job, and who want the flexibility you’re offering, hold a casting call.

Chicago’s Addison Group, discovered a few years ago that performers make great office workers, and today, the staffing firm has over 100 theatrical workers in its database. As much as 35% of Addison’s contract admin placements are actors, actresses, directors, writers, and others who work behind the scenes.

What they have in common, and what makes them so desirable, says Ed Kavanagh, president of Addison’s administrative division, is their ability to fit into so many different environments.

“Typically, actors are very comfortable in different roles,” Kavanagh says. Many have improv experience, which requires them to respond to situations and people with no prior planning. “Actors, actresses really do a good job reading people and they fit in very well. They are very adaptable.”

Temping also fits their lifestyle. It gives them the flexibility to make it to tryouts and casting calls, while still having a source of income. Should they land a role, they can they can cut back on their temp work.

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Engineer Survey: Recruiters Are How We Find Out About Jobs

IT engineer recruiting tactics

IT engineer recruiting tacticsNot having any luck reaching out to software engineers? Here’s some advice from Glassdoor: Keep trying.

Seventy percent of engineers say recruiters are one of the most common ways they hear about new opportunities. Friends, social media, former co-workers, nothing ranks higher than recruiters for new job information, with the very narrow exception of job boards. But with only 71% giving them the edge, it’s a statistical dead heat. And, when you consider how accessible and ubiquitous the posting sites are,  recruiters must be doing something right.