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Bob Croston

Bob Croston is Vice President and Principal Consultant at RAIN Group, a sales training, assessment, and performance improvement company. Bob draws from a 25-year career in sales, sales management, marketing, and brand management which includes diverse experience across a number of industries. Bob successfully built, managed, and sold his own marketing services firm, after leading all business development to close seven and eight-figure deals. He has consulted for brands like General Motors, Fidelity Investments, Bank of America, Harvard Business School, Monitor Group, BEA Systems, Coca Cola, Nellie Mae, and the U.S. Department of Commerce. Bob can be reached at rcroston@raingroup.com.

Articles by Bob Croston

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Is the “Wuss Factor” Hindering Your Sales Success?


I had the pleasure of meeting Ed Rendell when he was the mayor of Philadelphia. He was pointed and direct, quite different from the other politicians I have met over the years. So it came as little surprise when early this winter, Rendell, then Governor of Pennsylvania, called NFL officials “wimps” for canceling a game between the Eagles and Vikings due to snow.

When asked about the NFL’s decision the next day, Governor Rendell made his stance clear: “My biggest beef is that this is part of what’s happened in this country. We’ve become a nation of wusses.”

This nation of wusses has extended into the field of sales. There’s no hiding that sales is difficult. Day in and day out you face rejection, you must constantly be filling the pipeline with new leads, you have quotas you must meet, and results are often inconsistent.

Yet too many sales people use these difficulties as excuses and let them hinder their own success – they wuss out.

How can you tell if the wuss factor is dragging you down? Look out for these five symptoms: