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About The Fordyce Letter

For over four decades, The Fordyce Letter has been telling it like it is: providing straight talk for the recruiting profession. We’ve watched the industry grow and mature from a time when industry market penetration was less than 2%, to today’s position where a sizable segment of the hiring community utilizes our services at some level. And our subscribers continually tell us that we’ve played a large part in their growth.

The Fordyce Letter started off as a print publication. We added a website a few years ago and today, we also host an annual conference for Big Billers and those who want to build their recruiting business.

The Fordyce Letter is written by people who have been where you are. Those who understand the highs and lows of this business and who are connected to everyone in the industry who counts. Our extensive network of sources is tapped on a daily basis to bring you the vital information you will need to compete and prosper at every step in your recruiting career.

We’re sure you’ll agree that The Fordyce Letter is the best source of information for third party recruiters around. Here’s a partial listing of the topics we regularly cover:

  • Internet tips, techniques and strategies
  • Avoiding (and winning over) fee avoiders
  • Business development tips and techniques
  • Placements and the law
  • Fee collection strategies
  • Consultant management
  • Temp tips, techniques, and tactics
  • Closing maneuvers that work
  • Executive search methodology
  • Business game plans
  • Search strategies
  • Unique training tactics
  • Trends, forecasts, and commentary

We encourage your feedback on how continue to make this website the best recruiting resource available for third party recruiters. Additionally, if you are interested in contributing an article or an idea, please click here.

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