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Ask Barb: Motivating Your Team

Ask Barb

Dear Barb:

How to you motivate people who just focus on what’s not going right all day long? I’ve got an office full of whiners and complainers and even my manager is starting to give me excuses. When I talk to other owners in my city, they are doing a whole lot better than we are. I don’t work a desk any more but I swear I feel I could do more than the whole bunch of them. I’ve tried contests and no one qualifies, I’ve tried treating them nice or then threatening them and I tell you nothing works. Two of them were really good producers for me until 2009, but now they complain just as much as everyone else.

I’m too old to start over, but I can’t keep putting in my own money to meet payroll. How do I get them to do what I need for them to do?

Frank H., Tampa, FL