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Dice Sees Slowdown in Tech Hiring Through End of Year

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A slowdown in tech hiring among the long tail — smaller firms outside the major markets — coupled with a falloff in financial services hiring has prompted Dice Holdings to reduce its revenue and earnings outlook for the rest of this year.

Some staffing companies have cut back their advertising, presumably because their clients are saying they anticipate needing fewer temp workers in the coming months. However, the biggest impact, said company officials speaking with financial analysts this morning, is coming from small firms and from firms outside the tech industry.

“Tech is still tight,” said Dice Chairman, President and CEO Scot Melland in response to an analyst’s question. “But it tends to be tight in the tech centers. When you get outside of the tech industry and the tech centers, it’s a different story.”

Ask Barb

Ask Barb: Screening Out Candidates

Ask Barb

Dear Barb:

I participate on your Wednesday live training calls and have heard you say, “When in doubt, send them out.” I wish the senior recruiters in my office listened more to your advice. They send their own candidates but always screen mine out. How do I convince my co-workers to send my candidates? The reasons they give me are always so lame and I think they are just trying to fill their own orders so they get the entire commission. I’m not writing my own orders yet, but when I do I’m not going to send in any of their people, either. I’m not hitting my goals because of them so what can I do?

Frustrated in Lansing, MI