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Fordyce TV Replay: Young Dogs and Old Dogs


For those who missed the live show, catch a recap of Jeff Kaye as he interviews two outstanding big billers: “Old dog” Mike Kittelson and “young dog” Jason Johnson. Hear how a Generation Y recruiter is taking on the mindset of The Old Guard, while an industry veteran is learning new tricks. Enjoy the show:

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  • http://incredibleconsulting.jp Howard Ichiro

    Great advice from the Experts.
    from Tokyo, Japan

  • David


    One of the best of the best “webinars” that I have ever seen.

    Your firm has to be one of the very, very tops/which of course/is reflected herein.

    Thanks to one and all for your efforts and consideration in presenting this information.

    I keep coming back to it as a benchmark of guidance and inspiration.

    Keep up the excellent work!

  • David

    It seems as though these were likely to be monthly. However, I don’t see thatmany of them throughout the past year and to/up – to date.

    Looking forward to hearing more from you and more often.

    Thank you