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Advice From A Pro: What Every Hiring Manager Should Be Told

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The time that good candidates are on the market is shorter than it’s ever been.

The number of good candidates that are on the market is fewer than it’s been in 10 years.

The money you paid two years ago or even one year ago won’t get the kind of candidate you really want.

Candidates are not as prone to fill out online applications as they used to be.

Candidates won’t talk to your 22-year-old corporate recruiter whose job it is to screen them.


ADP Says 213,000 New Private Sector Jobs In September

ADP employment for Sept. 2014

ADP employment for Sept. 2014

With the announcement this morning that September’s private company payrolls grew by 213,000, economists are optimistic it foreshadows an even more robust government report due Friday.

HR services and payroll processor ADP and its partner Moody’s Analytics, said 213,000 new jobs were created in the private sector last month, up from August’s revised 202,000 estimate, and just above economists’ predictions of about 209,000.

“All the leading indicators for the job market look good,” said Mark Zandi, Moody’s chief economist. He predicts the Labor Department will report 220,000 total new jobs were created last month, an estimate shared by economists polled by MarketWatch, and not much higher than the Bloomberg estimate of 215,000.

Ask Barb, Candidates

The 5 Questions to Ask to Reduce Your Turndowns

Ask Barb

Dear Barb:

In the past three months, we had several deals not close that we thought were a sure thing. When I reviewed each deal, I couldn’t pinpoint any one thing we were doing wrong. This has been frustrating for not only me but my recruiters. Is there anything you can advise that might help us avoid offer turndowns?

Thank you.

Steven Z.
Chicago, IL
Industry News

California Law Now Makes Employers Liable For Staffing Firm Violations

California flag and capitol

California flag and capitolCalifornia employers will now share liability with their labor contractors for complying with  state labor and wage laws, including safety and workers’ compensation laws.

Governor Jerry Brown signed into law the hotly contested AB 1897, which extends to nearly all employers rules that previously applied to temps and contract workers in the agricultural, construction and garment industries.


Email Ruling You? Here’s How to Fight Back

Email illustration - free

Email illustration - freeAll the technology in the world will not help you if you cannot manage your time or tasks. Recruiting is a complex sale, but the process is not rocket science. More than anything it requires organization and focus. Keeping the process as simple as possible means you’ll produce more, better and faster.

Without question, the top culprit for stealing your time is email. Even in this age of tweets and texts, in the business world, email is still king and it’s easy to find statistics that show the average American office worker wastes as much as 40% of their day lost in email. So you have to ask yourself: Is email running your life or your company?

Learning to rein in and control the email beast is crucial for our employees and for us. Don’t assume recruiters and support staff automatically know how to efficiently organize their email or their time. While nobody wants to feel micro-managed, at least put some suggested policies in place to teach your people the value and advantages to well-managed email and time organization. Below are some ideas I have discovered and implemented over the years.

Fees, Jeff's On Call!

Whose Fee? Phantom Recruiters and Contract Terminations


Dear Jeff,

I have been in the industry for over 15 years recruiting across Europe and the Middle East, permanent search and selection for senior management up to board level positions across a variety of industries.

My team and I always look out for your column with intense interest. Even after 15 years in the industry I constantly learn new insights to improve our business and overcome the more unusual challenges. Thank you for that, because we could never get the information anywhere else at any price.

We have a long-standing client that asked us to start a contingent search a few months ago. We sourced a candidate, set up interviews, and finally an offer has been accepted. However they now realize the CV was


6 Ways Staffing Can Solve Problems For Your Clients

Problem solution - free- stuartmiles

Problem solution - free- stuartmilesIn today’s economic environment everyone is looking for ways to operate more efficiently. Clients often have staffing needs or problems, and direct hire is not always the answer. You can provide alternative staffing solutions that allow clients to save money and enhance flexibility, and you can do so without adding to your staff or increasing costs. Let’s look at these alternative staffing solutions:


Remind Your Candidates It’s Time to Update That Resume

resume with pen

resume with penWhen was the last time you had your candidates update their resume? Ever?

It’s not a job anyone relishes, but as every recruiter knows only too well, when that job order pops up, there’s not time enough to coach your MPC through the resume revise. Having a fresh resume on-hand can help make the difference between a sendout and a no-sale.

So even though there’s only a few days left in September, take advantage of  Update Your Resume Month to urge your candidates to freshen theirs.


Global Recruiting: The Same, Only Different


GlobalOther than being a headhunter with 13 years of experience in the industry, my international profile is often what people remember after having met me: my mother is German, my father Czech and I am married to a French lady. I lived, worked or studied in seven countries, ran spot assignments all over Europe, the U.S. and parts of Africa and I speak five languages.

What learned by living abroad for almost 20 years?

Ask Barb, For Managers

Managers Must Teach Fishing

Ask Barb

Dear Barb:

I’m managing a team of five recruiters, but I’m still responsible for my own production. Most of my day is spent answering questions, making matches and hand-holding my recruiters. I can’t stop helping them because without my help we would not hit goals.

My owner only cares that goals are reached, but I don’t know how much longer I can carry the office or work the hours I’m working. I like the override I’m getting paid, but I could actually make more money if I only focused on my production.

Should I walk away from being a manager?

Joe D.
Topeka, KS