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Time to Consider If You Really Love Recruiting

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Every boss wants employees who are excited and passionate about what they are doing. Without employees who are committed, focused and personally invested in the big picture a company has very little chance for true success. As we think about mid-year assessments and reviews it’s a good time to make sure we are in the right place with the right job and that we are committed to making ourselves and our companies enormously successful.

Are you genuinely happy to be where you are and doing what you’re doing? It’s something all of us need to stop and consider from time to time. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is this what you really wanted or thought it would be? If

What Top Talent and Top Athletes Have In Common

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At Skywater we have a saying we use in our search assignments: “We place the best athlete. “

It’s a metaphorical approach; it doesn’t mean that our candidates have to be fitness fanatics or athletes themselves to qualify for a shortlist. It means we look for the best available talent, the achievers with transferable skills who will go that one step further to meet a deadline; the candidates who demonstrate resilience when the going gets tough.

In essence we seek out those who display the same drive in the corporate arena as the top athletes do on the running track or in field events.

Industry News

Corporate Tax Departments Turning to Search Firms

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Even as they increasingly look to their in-house recruiters to help them fill jobs, corporate tax accounting leaders say they expect to lean more heavily this year on search firms to fill jobs.

With 69% of the 356 surveyed leaders saying they expect to replace turnover and grow their departments, just over 8 in 10 of them will rely on their HR staff for help recruiting. They’ll also use job boards to find talent, which 49% report is “difficult” or “very difficult” to find.

However, 46% say they’ll also use contingency firms and 23% will turn to retained search firms to fill vacancies.

Ask Barb

Send In A Rock Star and See Them Hurry

Ask Barb

Dear Barb:

Is it me, or are clients taking forever to make a hiring decision. I just lost two candidates who had completed final interviews because my client didn’t make a decision. One took another offer and one got a promotion at their current job. I don’t think these employers realize what we go through to find top talent.

Sharon S., Omaha, NB

Dear Sharon:

Employers don’t care what you go through to find top talent. At best, when you provide written expectations to them, you show them what they can


Court Says Staffing Agency Recruiters, Managers Are Exempt Workers

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Reaffirming that staffing agency recruiters and managers are administrative employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act, a Michigan federal court ruled that Randstad doesn’t have to pay overtime to a group of staffers who brought a class action case against the global firm.

Specifically, the court said account managers, senior account managers, assistant branch managers, staffing consultants, and senior staffing consultants were exempt from the overtime provisions of the FLSA.

For Managers

Performance Evaluation: Rewarding Excellence and Fostering Positive Change


Annual employee performance review meetings are standard in many workplaces and serve as a method to formally document an employee’s contribution and to identify development opportunities. However, this is just one aspect of performance evaluation and management.

Recognizing good performance and coaching employees to develop new skills should occur throughout the year. This ongoing interaction includes a variety of communication techniques. When communicating, be consistent in your treatment of all employees.

Here are a few tips for rewarding excellence and fostering positive change.

Collections, Fees

When the Candidate Agrees to Pay the Fee

Jeff Allen COllection Tip

Editor’s note: Jeff Allen has heard every employer excuse you can imagine for not paying up — and dozens more that defy imagination. A few years ago he began documenting them in a weekly collections column. Because of the importance of collections, Fordyce will periodically reprise the most common situations he addressed. The complete collection is here.

What Client Says:

The candidate signed our agreement to pay the fee.

How Client Pays:

The variation of “thinking” the candidate would pay the fee is forcing him


5 Options for Finding & Hiring a Researcher

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One of the biggest turning points in my business came when I realized I couldn’t and shouldn’t do it all myself.

Hiring researchers has made a massive difference in both my productivity and revenue. It also made a huge difference in terms of how much I’ve been able to enjoy my work, as I was able to offload the tedious or annoying tasks that would eat up my time. This has allowed me to zero in on the highly leveraged activities that produce big results.

If you’re interested in hiring a researcher but don’t know where to start, the five ideas below will provide you with some options. 

Industry News

Cyber Attacks Targeted CareerBuilder Customers


Update: CareerBuilder says the issue with infected emails has been resolved and is not an ongoing problem. In an email this morning (5/15), a spokeswoman said, “The attack has been addressed, affected customers were notified right away and no other incidents have occurred.”

If you are a CareerBuilder customer, be careful what resumes you open. It could be malware. Or worse.

For the last few weeks, attackers have been sending CareerBuilder customers malicious attachments disguised as resume documents in response to their online job postings. Because they appear to be trustworthy and come through the job site’s mail platform, unwitting recruiters open the document and even forward the emails to hiring managers and others, unleashing a bit of code that then automatically downloads the malware. Once that happens, the program can steal data or wreak other havoc.

Industry News

Recruit ‘s Staffing Business Up 10% On Year

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The fifth largest staffing company in the world, Japan’s Recruit, said staffing sales grew 10.3% (in U.S. dollars), ending the 2014 fiscal year at $5.66 billion.

Recruit’s international (not including Japan) staffing sales were $2.4 billion, an increase of 12.7% over the year before. The company credited a “moderate expansion trend” in Europe and North America and a favorable exchange rate for the growth.

Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd., which also owns jobs aggregator Indeed.com, released its financial results in Tokyo yesterday. Overall, the conglomerate reported total sales of $10.9 billion.

Indeed came close to doubling its net sales revenue for the 12 months ended March 31, growing from $201.3 million U.S.) to $386.8 million (at the current exchange rate).