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What’s Happening to Sourcing?


Join us at Noon central time (1 p.m. EDT / 10 a.m. PDT) today as Gerry Crispin, co-founder and partner at the recruiting consultancy CareerXroads, discusses the firm’s source of hire study.

Learn what’s behind the dramatic rise in search firm hires and the increase in temps and temp-to-hire conversions.

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CareerXroads Survey: Agency Placements Took Big Jump In 2013

Careerxroads Job board data 2014

CareerXroads source of external 2014Evidencing the increasing difficulty of recruiting quality talent for key positions, employers turned to search firms to fill more of their openings last year, nearly doubling the percentage of jobs filled by independent recruiters from 2012.

The 50 employers, some with more than 200,000 workers, who took part in the just released source of hire survey by the recruiting consultancy CareerXroads, reported filling 5.9% of their external opening with candidates from third party agencies.

It’s the largest agency share since CareerXroads began asking about third party placements in 2003. That year, employers attributed 1.2% of their external hires to agencies. In 2012, employers said 3.1% of their hires came from agency referrals.


5 Tips For Improving Your Social Media Presence


social media illustrationThe way we use social media has evolved tremendously since the early days of MySpace. With the success of LinkedIn, we have begun to move our professional relationships to the web, and have slowly developed a proper networking etiquette for doing so. Recruiting through social media, however, is a practice whose rules are still being written.

Because there is no “right” way to do it, the unknown that accompanies social recruiting can make the idea intimidating to recruiters and hiring managers. However, as the power of social media continues to grow, it is important to embrace it as a crucial element of your recruiting strategy.

Here are five of the best practices for hiring via social media:

Ask Barb

Lesson Learned: If You Signed It, You Have to Live With It

Ask Barb

Dear Barb:

How do I get around signing agreements that are written by my clients?

We just got burned by a client who hired someone from us and demanded a refund after nine months. I didn’t even realize the terms were refund vs. a replacement.

I have no intention of refunding the fee because I think their contract is unreasonable, but this is one of our best clients and I don’t want to lose their business. How can I make them see this situation from my point of view?

Can you give me a short script I can use when contacting them back? I’m a fair guy, but a refund after nine months is a ridiculous request.

John S., Fort Smith, AK

Dear John:

Industry News

Tech Worker Numbers Continue to Grow; Temp Is 3rd Fastest Sector

Techserve alliance June 2014

Techserve alliance June 2014The number of IT workers grew at a pace faster than the national jobs rate, and better than many other sectors, including healthcare.

Temp, however, grew faster than all but two other sectors tracked by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

TechServe Alliance, the national trade association of the IT and engineering staffing industry, reports IT employment grew 3.2% from June 2013 to June 2014, adding 144,200 workers. The Alliance says there were 4,664,800 IT jobs as of last month.

Jeff's On Call!

What Happens to My Fee When My Client Buys the Candidate’s Employer?


Hi Jeff,

You have helped me collect fees twice in the past, and the Jeff’s On Call! column has greatly contributed to our success. This is just indispensable.

I have a question that really needs answering, and would appreciate your help.

A client of mine who has hired about 6 to 8 sales reps from me in the last few years gave me a search for a sales person when I ran into him at a trade show in Las Vegas. I placed the sales manager who gave me the search.

I scheduled 8 interviews and he liked one candidate best. They are scheduled to meet for a second interview with the VP of sales again soon. The candidate currently works for a competitor and the word on the street is my client may be purchasing them as soon about the same time as the interview. It has been a rumor for months.

The sales manager told me he did not know if they would pay my fee if they buy the company because the sales rep would be an employee of their company. I told him I didn’t know the legal ramifications, but as far as I am concerned I set up the interviews and will be due a fee.


The 9 Elements of Resiliency and 6 Steps to Building It


make it happen training - free milesEditor’s note: These tips are excerpted from The TRACOM Group’s workbook, “Developing a Resilient Mindset.” 

Filter — How you filter information and interpret the world.

  • Personal Responsibility is the belief that successes or failures at work are determined by one’s own talents and motivations as opposed to external forces such as luck or good timing. Those who are high in personal responsibility believe they control their own destiny and attribute events to their own traits. Rather than relying on external factors such as luck to achieve objectives, they look inward to their own talents and motivations and attempt to exert control over situations.
Industry News

Recruiter Survey: Candidates Are Driving the Job Market

Who's driving the market MRI 2014

Who's driving the market MRI 2014It’s a job seekers’ market, but hiring managers haven’t yet fully adjusted to the change, with 40% of them taking almost a month to make an offer, only to find out in many cases that their candidate is turning them down.

Better than 8 in 10 of the MRINetwork recruiters participating in the semi-annual MRINetwork Recruiter Sentiment Study said today’s employment market is candidate-driven, a 25 point jump from the 2012 study. That means the professional, executive and managerial candidates who are the majority of those recruited by MRI franchise offices can be  more demanding when it comes to the nature of the work they want, the companies they’re willing to work for, and the compensation and benefits they’ll accept.

Industry News

3 LinkedIn Developments You Should Know About


LinkedIn_logoNote: Between updates LinkedIn regularly makes to its product lines, and the latest acquisitions, something is always new at the business networking site. From our sister site, Sourcecon.com, here’s an update on the latest developments.

LinkedIn acquired news alert startup Newsle. Newsle uses machine learning technology to update subscribers when their connections publish new content on the web. I’m hoping this will make my news feed more bearable and relevant as the technology is integrated into LinkedIn’s platform. For more details, see this post from Forbes.

Ask Barb

Too Many Fee Options May Mean No Fee At All

Ask Barb

Dear Barb,

For years we charged 1% per $1,000 for direct placements, but that seemed to confuse our clients. As a result, we have several different fee options. We also charge a lower fee percentage if a client does not request us to conduct reference checks.

Our normal fee is 25%, which we will lower to 20% if a signing bonus is included in calculating our fee. When we place someone at the executive level, we charge a 30% fee, unless they make multiple hires from us and then we reduce the fee to 28%. For positions that pay under $20,000 we charge 20%.